Saturday, October 24, 2009

sonar 2010 dates announced: june 17-19

sonar is one of europe's premier summer music festivals, taking place in barcelona, spain. i was actually in barcelona for the week of sonar this past summer, but considering the expensive tickets, plus a wealth of other events that take place around the city that week/end, i decided against attending. i now regret not going and next year i'm hoping to make it back to barcelona and spend at least a day or night at the official festival.

according to the official sonar website, the 2010 version of the festival is due to take place june 17-19 and will actually be split between barcelona and a coruna (pardon my ignorance/inability to place a tilde over the 'n' in that latter city) - a strange idea, in my opinion, because the cities are literally on opposite sides of the country. furthermore, a full-length film to be released in chapters will reveal the religious significance of the festival's new partnership with a coruna. check out the preview at the official site; it looks interesting, to say the least. of course, expect tons of unofficial parties, particularly in barcelona, as the global edm community descends upon the city to showcase their sound and celebrate the beautiful spanish summer...

so - who wants to go to barcelona with me next summer?!

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