Friday, May 25, 2012

skirt, reviews, detroit!

in case you hadn't noticed me shouting about all this via other social media, yours truly has had a busy week over at resident advisor.

first and foremost, i'm really excited to share this "breaking through" feature piece i wrote on skirt. if it's not obvious, i'm a huge fan of skirt's music and it was a pleasure to get to talk to her and find out where she comes from (and where she's going).

then, my three most recent reviews are now up: frankly i wasn't too impressed with the error etica remixes EP, but i loved the plate EP from cassegrain, from the promising new label, modal analysis (of which anatomy mixer slydex is a part of). and then, svreca and orphx's recent efforts on vilna for semantica. both tracks are fucking gnarly - by which i mean, great record.

finally: this weekend, i'll be away on *vacation* in detroit for movement festival and related shenanigans.

there's plenty going on, both at the festival and, just as importantly, at parties around the city. check out our RA guide for a sprawling afterparty overview, or head to little white earbuds for their fine-tuned picks. you can find me at greg wilson and mike huckaby's sets at the festival saturday night, then shit show sunday (i'll be there early for dan bell and public lover), then at mathew jonson's festival set later that night, and probably no way back much later that night, old miami on monday ... who knows what else.

oh and don't worry, things have been a bit too hectic to get the next anatomy mix up in time, but i look forward to sharing it very soon. have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

walls remixed by perc, voigt & voigt, etc

thanks goes to the quietus for sharing this one, a fresh set of remixes for walls from the esteemed kompakt imprint, available to stream freely (for now).

i once wrote about walls remixing perc, and that one turned out pretty good, i thought. perc's nearly ten minute-long remix of "sunporch" sounds even better - really strange and evocative stuff. the brothers reinhard and wolfgang voigt cook up an appropriately loopy contribution as well. the perc and voigts versions are my two favorites of the bunch but the entire package is pretty decent. have a listen:

EDIT: all gone!

Monday, May 21, 2012

monday moods: sustain - sustain 01 (sustain)

here's some tunes to keep your late monday evening occupied. these come from italian dj/producer fabrizio lapiana, the mind behind attic music, a label which has put out some very nice records over the past few years. on display here is his new project, sustain. take in some smooth, deep, slowed-down techno from sustain 01, and be on the lookout for more stuff (including sustain 02) from fabrizio soon...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

three technos

it's nice and sunny this weekend in chicago - perfect opportunity to open the windows and bug the neighbors with loud weird techno! anyway, here's a trio of mixes that have been on recent repeat.

patrick walker - unseen extracts 01 an exciting new prospect from patrick walker, of forward strategy group (remember his anatomy mix?). in edinburgh, scotland, patrick has launched a new and very intriguing monthly party alongside fellow local neil templar. it's called unseen, and the focus will be on "pitch black techno" - fucking sweet. anyway patrick has cooked up this excellent mix to start a series in support of the party and its guests - even better. local heads, be sure to get to the next unseen party on friday, june 1st, featuring a live set from adam x as traversable wormhole. full support! and of course, FSG's excellent debut album labour division will drop at the end of the month, so be on the lookout for that one.

regis at HOG's 19th birthday that's right, we're keeping it in the UK for this post. bam, here's a live set from the legendary regis, recorded at house of god's 19th birthday party in birmingham earlier this year. included in the set are classic regis jams alongside more recent stuff for sandwell district, blackest ever black and CUB... so just do it.

dj skirt - vinyl mix may 2012 more birmingham talent! skirt is just a bit newer to the scene (and a US native) but no worries, she's definitely an artist to keep an eye out for, i think, with recent inspiring efforts on labels like horizontal ground and semantica. she's also got skills behind the decks, as evidenced by this very nice vinyl mix. lots of tracks from shifted and avian, FSG, and two very nice new records worth pointing out: lakker's arc EP, and a new surface ltd release from francesco baudazzi (obtane!). skirt will be playing at a plex vs perc trax showcase in london on sunday, june 3rd, alongside perc, kangding ray, AnD, and others. pay attention...

that's all for now, but i should finally have anatomy 19 ready to go early next week. and so far it looks like i'll have a few more fun mixes for the summer, so stay tuned.

Friday, May 4, 2012

saturday jams at murasaki

tomorrow: i'll be DJing downtown at the first-saturday regular soiree at murasake saki lounge. i play 1030 to midnight, followed by resident dj boze. no cover, check out the spare bit of extra details at the facebook page and come out if you can for sake and good music. looking forward to this!