Tuesday, December 27, 2011


a new mix from me to you:

i'd been in the mood to record a mix using my 'new' pioneer cdj-100s, which lets me play digital stuff and promos without staring at a computer screen. about a week ago i recorded this 90-minute session, after a day of hearing sirens go off nonstop outside my window. i used two technics 1200mk2 turntables (with whitelabels) and one cdj-100s all blended with a vestax pc-175 mixer in one take. it was recorded into audacity, and i made some minor level adjustments and exported it to mp3@320.

shifted - avian 001 b1 | avian
nax_acid - aconito 007
giorgio gigli|obtane|milton bradley - escaped from the dark (zooloft remix) | zooloft
milton bradley - numerical analysis | do not resist the beat!
nax_acid|claudio prc - aconito 007
shifted - structure | mote-evolver
variance III (marcel dettmann edit) | sandwell district
xhin - key | stroboscopic artefacts
giorgio gigli|obtane - transmission | zooloft
surgeon - those who do not | dynamic tension
LADA - indust | fullpanda
milton bradley - desperation | do not resist the beat!
cio d'or - magnetkreis (shifted's C.I.S. remix) | prologue
scuba - from within (marcel dettmann remix) | hotflush
dino sabatini - modulation B | outis
endless - clearing | electric deluxe
perc - BCG (milton bradley critical level mix) | perc trax
mike parker - GPH17 a2 | geophone
function - inter | sandwell district

i hope the sounds find you well this winter season. interested chicago heads can also use this as a warm-up to my two upcoming gigs here in the windy city.

anyway, my gratitude goes to the usual suspects, and special thanks to andrea and claudio for providing some nice new material from the upcoming aconito record. do it to it...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tuesday tunes - mixes

hello again all and happy holidays, if that's your thing. i've been in limbo as i sort out new music, indulge in the cdj-100s i've set up next to my turntables (i should have my own fresh mix up soon), and work on other writing. some more anatomy mixes are on the way, along with my top music picks of the year, but until then here's some 'recent' mixes that have been stuck in the player. these aren't brand new and i couldn't care less. to me, each of these mixes definitely holds up under multiple listens, and as my hard drive fills up with way too many mixes, that's what's most important.

xhin - RA.286 kudos to xhin for a nice addition to resident advisor's podcast! a fairly far cry from what he collected for his anatomy mix, xhin still puts together some unlikely combinations of tracks - including a few of my absolute favorites from 2011 - to make a truly abstract techno journey. the mix is archived at RA, but have no fear, you can get the 320 mp3 at xhin's soundcloud.

nuel - smoke machine podcast 32 this one has been on repeat ... with an amazing full-length album released just a month ago (it's already sold out!), nuel gets back into techno mode on smoke machine. i love the vaguely tribal sound that he conjures with such interesting track selection, and this mix is full of emotional moments.

hubble - kana broadcast 017 i cannot hide my adoration for hubble. he's made some of the best records of the year, revealing a remarkable ability to construct long, hypnotic grooves. he uses plenty of material from deepchord/echospace in this story for the kana broadcast, and fits it together perfectly, building to a blissed-out finale. i'm happy to say that hubble will be joining the anatomy action here... stay tuned!

lars hemmerling - surf the waveform podcast 05 it might be obvious how much i'm a fan of lars' work. even if he hasn't released many tracks, he still puts together an excellent live set. raw, slow-burning and loosely industrial... if you're new to his sound, this set gets my highest recommendation.

that's it for me for now. stay tuned for more music opinions: later this week i'll get to smilecoldanatomy's top 10 of '11.

Monday, November 21, 2011

monday moods: raster-noton

from kangding ray's emotive OR, to summvs - a delicately triumphant collaboration between alva noto and ryuichi sakamoto, to alva noto's powerful, cerebral experiments on his solo album univrs, 2011 has been another excellent year full of advanced electronics on the raster-noton label. now wrapping up its 15th year of operation (with vladislav delay's first album on the label set for release soon), i think it's as good a time as ever to do a dive into raster-noton's back catalog...

and so i highly recommend you check out this beautiful mix from secret thirteen, aka S13, created earlier in the year. it's called R∞N, and it's a 15-track, 52-minute collection of raster noton material dated from 1996 to 2009. listen and download here. i've given R∞N multiple regular listens over the course of the past half-year or so, and the level of depth and texture in all of these sounds never ceases to amaze me. perfect stuff for late nights. if you are looking for a reason to check out what raster-noton has been up to recently, or to dive into the music of byetone, mika vainio and others who have been associated with the label (or to check out the very nice sounds at S13), this is a very persuasive statement.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

slydex - live at sub:conscious [anatomy 17]

surprise! the 17th anatomy is another live recording of a dj set, this time from slydex.

slydex hails from athens, greece. as a dj he's shared the bill with sandwell district, milton bradley, claudio prc, nina kraviz and many others. his contribution to the anatomy series comes in the form of an hour-long recording pulled from a recent sub:conscious party at six D.O.G.S, where he opened for andy stott. this set is a bit different from the usual anatomy fare... but read on first:

Who are you?
I am George Papageorgopoulos, a restless young guy from Athens, Greece also known as Slydex when I am DJing.

How did you find techno and what made you want to DJ?
I was collecting CDs and generally music since junior school and I used to play them in early school parties actually without mixing them, just changing tracks from one discman to the other. Its actually cliche i guess but this is the true story. I already had some friends with professional gear so i thought it would be a good idea to start collecting money and take my own professional mixer. I started mixing mostly disco and vocal house music until the time some older friends of mine put me to listen a Richie Hawtin mixed set, actually the BBC Radio1 mix. I still cant forget how socking that was... I made my transition.

What are some of your all-time favorite records?
Having a classic rock background I would say that A Night At The Opera from Queen and Led Zeppelin IV from Led Zeppelin are two of the albums that shaped my aspect in music. From the electronic dance music I would say everything from Prodigy, Daft Punk and Plastikman. These last years some of my favorite albums had been Feed Forward from Sandwell District and Omega from Robert Hood..timeless Techno music.

What have been your favorite records or albums from 2011?
As I see it, 2011 has been a really interesting year for electronic music so far. I got to like many different styles and that something I also try to show in my dj sets. I would easily suggest the whole Blackest Ever Black catalogue so far, it has been my favorite label this year, many different styles of music but always in the same dark aesthetic. Some of the albums I really enjoyed this year were from Kangding Ray, Andy Stott, Instra:mental, Sawf and Emptyset, all of them gave something fresh to the scene. Watch out also for the forthcoming Glacial album on Hotel Costes, a really unique blend of dub techno and jazz sounds.

Tell us about the parties you've thrown. Is there a philosophy to the party?
So far this year has been really busy for me and for our small techno scene in general. I organized alone and with my crew several parties with local and international guests and the main philosophy behind them is the improvement of our local scene and the promotion of a contemporary techno sound that was really missing from the night life of Athens. Of course having fun with friends is also a big factor for me and this year we had good times with great music from DJ's like Delta Funktionen, Milton Bradley, Sandwell District, Sawf, Claudio PRC and many other. Just have to say that I dont consider my self as a promoter, I am just a clubber and DJ hungry for quality electronic dance music in my beloved city.

What has been your favorite party or set recently?
With no doubt the most intense clubbing experience I had lately was the 5h hours set Sandwell District did for our party. Proper techno non stop until 10 in the morning, I think it will be memorable moment for those who witness it. Another great set that i really have to mention was a 6h set from Delta Funktionen last March here in Athens..he played like everything he had in his bag with flawless mixing and structure, has to be one of the best djs ever heard.

What do you think of the techno culture in Athens?
Its really sad to say but techno culture in Athens for years now is mainly based on drugs. Most of the people dont care much about what the hear, they just want it fast and pumping, sometimes they dont even care if its techno or psychedelic trance.

Our scene is quite small right now but used to be bigger and stronger some years ago. Actually I would say that what we have now is not a scene but a small group of people who are trying to build one. All these years ignorant and selfish djs along with irrelevant promoters and club owners took us to the point we are in now but some times I think that only from the point zero you can understand and appreciate some things in life.

At the same moment,the economical and political situation in Greece is quite shitty and rough the last two years but that somehow helped the improvement of all art forms as I see it from my point. People are hungry for new things, a lot of great young producers are rising and more people are getting interesting to techno music probably because its a way to burst your hard feelings and get away from the reality even for some hours or minutes. As for Athens, I would say is one of the most underground places around Europe at the moment and if we work and fight altogether now we can have results that we dont even imagine, not only in music but also in our every day life.

Tell us about the mix. How was it recorded?
This mix is the last hour of the 2.5h set I did for Sub:conscious party at Six D.O.G.S (Athens,Greece) on Saturday 12 November. My friend Theo Lazos who hosted the party invited Andy Stott for a live set and I had to do the opening set for him. I was actually really anxious about what I should play but after talking to Andy I felt comfortable to experiment with my set and deliver a peak hour party atmosphere in the last hour of it. I really wanted to play something different than most times by mixing many different styles, actually I was really bored of the so called droning techno sound those last weeks and I want to give a more party meaning to my set. To record the mix i used a Allen & Heath DB4 mixer, Traktor Pro 2 and a pair of Native Instruments X1 controllers. That night the club was full packed and Andy Stott did one of the best live sets ever witnessed using dirty, filthy techno grooves...never heard something similar like this before, so fresh and unique.

What is next for Slydex?
Well a lot of present and future plans I would say. In 2012 I am going to launch my new record label called Modal Analysis along with my good friends Hiori and Alxp. Its going to be a conceptual thing focusing in every style of modern techno, from industrial and electro to experimental and dub but always with a dark techno aesthetic. Our main goal is to highlight and promote the new techno sound of Greece with major Greek artists and many other friends from around the globe. While focusing on my label I am also preparing a new party series in Athens with a lot new faces,good friends and main target the promotion of quality electronic dance music, it doesnt matter if it will be techno,house or dubstep. If it happens for you to be in Athens during November you can find me DJing with Subjected and Hiori at Astron Bar on 19 november and with AnD (Live) and Zorz for the Habeat Records Night at Six D.O.G.S on 26 November. Habeat is a brand new record store that will soon open downtown Athens with much respect and love for the vinyl and local artists, something that was really missing from our city.

slydex soundcloud link (stream and download)

no tracklisting for this one, but i think george is spot-on in his attempt to create a unique sort of "peak hour party atmosphere" that's definitely unlike previous anatomy mixes - there's tons of delicious low-end workouts so this one might be better at high volume. keep up with slydex via his RA page - and athens heads, be sure to check out that party with subjected and hiori this weekend. thanks again to george for keeping it real. enjoy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

xhin - sword

so, it is finally upon us: xhin's sword. it's the singapore artist's third long-player, and the second stroboscopic artefacts LP after lucy's fine debut album wordplay for working bees from earlier this year. xhin has plenty of experience in the world of pulsing, cutting-edge techno, but sword is without a doubt his deepest dive into uncharted waters yet.
the shivering tones of 'the secret closet' begins the journey, leading to the angular interplay of kicks and glitches on 'fox and wolves' - you'd be forgiven if it takes you a minute to wrap your head around the rhythm. next up is 'teeth', undoubtedly a highlight of the album with a charmingly melodic middle section.

next, 'insides' and 'wood' reveals xhin's affinity toward classical music and minimalism, with 'wood' sounding like an ultra hi-fi resurrection of an old, regal piano score. it's a pleasant surprise that still somehow feels like a logical tangent away from xhin's more club-ready material.

the album jumps back into rhythmic chaos with 'medium', which positions a mysterious sequence of tones against more pummeling drums and glitchy tracers. what follows is sword's final section of clinical techno workouts: the urgent sirens of 'you against yourself', the tripping atmospheres of 'vent', and then the final rhythmic piece, 'foreshadowed', which offers a bit of respite with its glacial chord movements.

things wind down with the perfectly-titled 'this is what you drew while you were half asleep', a beat-less collection of emotionally charged textures. it's a fitting end to an album that blends together chunks of techno, glitch, and IDM into one comprehensive, futuristic vision. dadub's steely mastering work, which has played an important role in sculpting the 'sound' of stroboscopic artefacts, only enhances the effect. after an album like sword, perhaps the most appropriate question for xhin and SA is this: what happens next?

Monday, October 31, 2011

tr nch - live at artmospheric festival 2011 [anatomy 16]

the 16th anatomy has arrived: a two-hour recording of dave twomey's dj set as tr nch, at artmospheric festival 2011!

tr nch artmospheric anatomy 16

dave is a man of many hats: a world traveler (currently residing in the UK after living in japan for years), a DJ and producer otherwise known as tr nch (earlier this year, his collaboration with iori was released on the time to express label), a party promoter... he is also battling cancer, and doing it in an unconventional yet determined way while raising money for his treatment.

today, we're sharing dave's dj set as tr nch, recorded live at the fifth annual artmospheric festival in sofia, bulgaria on july 23rd, 2011. we also have a rough tracklist, but please read on, as dave and i trade words about his music, his mariana party concept, his travels, and his treatment fundraiser.

Tell us about how you connected with Time To Express and Iori for 'Barreleye'.
I met Peter at Labyrinth 2008 following email contact beginning with streams of praise from me for his T2X debut 'Trusted' EP, which is still in my record box today. That year at Laby we cemented our friendship on the dancefloor over a bottle of tequila, bad dancing (speaking for myself only of course) & air punches, which we try to continue every year at Labyrinth. Anyway, I dropped the demo of Barreleye in 2009 at my Mariana event in Tokyo right at the end of my set, at which Peter was guest DJ. I had built the crowd up as I love to just right & to be fair the crowd did go pretty wild. Peter came up to the booth & signed it pretty much on the spot! To be honest I didn't really believe him at the time so was very nice when we got it out. Iori I met in 2009 on a Mariana tour with Cio (D'Or) & Mike (Parker); it didn't take long before we were swapping ideas to and fro & 'Barreleye' was born. Talented guy.

You've played gigs across the world: Europe, South America, and Asia (and hopefully the US soon!). Can you name off any particularly memorable events you've been part of? Do you have a favorite place to play? How does travel affect you as a musician?
I can't really beat playing my own events in Tokyo to be honest. The crowd just go wild for the deep sea stuff when I play as Tr nch even if I am dropping something beatless! I was in Japan for 8 years so I guess I have some good (or maybe just noisy?) friends. The best gig I had outside of Japan was probably in Argentina back in 2006 at a place aptly named Octano in (crazy) Cordoba. I was playing angry electro tech at the time & they just went berserk. I promptly responded by staying up the whole of the next day to the detriment of the large thing in the centre of my face. Oops. Which brings me to the final part of the question: traveling makes me TIRED, mostly, but inspires me on so many levels at the same time. My father was a pilot so I guess its in my blood.

Early last year, you were diagnosed with cancer. Please talk about about your holistic approach to treatment, and please tell us about your fundraiser.
Well I was already at Stage 4 (i.e the cancer had already spread via my lymph nodes to my liver and my lungs) when I was diagnosed (over 5% survive beyond 5 years on the UK National Health Service), chemo still seems just totally counter-intuitive to me and having started doing acupuncture in Japan a few years before holistic was always going to be my approach. I am also fucking sceptical about conventional medicine in general & the pharmaceutical companies in particular. Whats the point treating a symptom if once you have got rid of it (the tumours) it comes roaring back? So, I gave up booze, late nights, all the so-called 'food' aka JUNK we eat like processed or refined (aka zero nutritional value) foods and embarked on a whole bunch of whole body treatments: healthy nutrition to flush the body with antioxidants, regular exercise, supplement programmes to boost the immune system, etc etc. You can read all about it on my fundraiser blog. Feel free to add to the donations if you can: so far my friends and family raised over 19,000GBP at last look. The money is going fast on these damn expensive treatments though…

Tell us about Mariana.
Inspired by David Attenborough's Blue Planet 'The Deep' episode we started Mariana in 2008. The concept of deep sea trench fitted perfectly with how I was feeling a year on from my first Labyrinth musically and spiritually. I realised both something that had a more outdoors than indoor vibe, that touched on nature even if not actually in it. The concept is still to immerse the crowd into the experience though the Mariana Limited parties have taken over to some extent. Mariana Limited (past guests Ben Klock, Kirk Dediorgio and next Peter Van Hoesen live) is big brother to the main Mariana event series (past guests Cio D'Or, Mike Parker, PVH, Pendle Coven, MLZ) which fully embraces the deep sea concept with multi screen deep sea visuals both analogue & digital, music, plus there is also littler sister Mariana Dub Session for the housier, etcher or dubber guests (Kassem Mosse, Delta Funktionen, next Conforce). The Tr nch DJ set & productions very much represent the Mariana sound, with my DJing as Dave Twomey the more eclectic selection based on my wide ranging love of house & techno and all things in between. As much as I am still devoted to Mariana & the Tr nch sound, in many ways my cancer diagnosis in 2010 changed so many things, including the context for me to listen to music, especially the deep stuff so I listen to less and less techno. I get up at 6 or 7am, go to bed at 10pm and rarely go to clubs. So the music is changing for sure…

What other sorts of music do you listen to?
These days I actually don't listen to that much music and when I do its chilled stuff: ambient, world music, etc. Toumani Diabate is the man! Since I can remember, whenever I walked into a room I immediately put music on, much the way so many people do with TV or these days with Facebook. Instant gratification. These days I see the concept of mindfulness as being so important to my recovery (and the future of mankind actually!!!) that in general silence gets a fair old run and music gets put on less and less, which of course makes me enjoy it all the more when I do.

What's next for Mariana?
I'd reeeeeally love to get a label going, but at the moment I have to focus on my health. If I write music for fun it's all good, and some days the creative juices really get going as a result of my healthy lifestyle I think… BUT, the minute I start trying to finish things I am such a god damn amateur that it immediately becomes a stress, which is the big no no. Acceptance & patience are the only way for me right now, though both those and a bunch of Tr nch tracks continue to be works in progress! Next year???

Finally - your anatomy mix. It was recorded live this summer at Bulgaria's Artmospheric Festival. Tell us about the festival, and what you were aiming to do with this set.
The festival is the brain child of a bunch of creatives/djs/experimentalists from Sofia & I followed Donato Dozzy, Natural/Electronic.System & others before me as guest so I put a lot into this gig, aside from the fact that for obvious reasons I haven't been playing out much this last year and half. Misho, the lovely guy who booked me has been a big Tr nch fan since I started it so the set was for him really, and the crowd who got onto the floor to move their asses. The set was my 3rd or 4th using Ableton so was interesting for me to see how things would develop in a festival situation, but I have to admit the second half after i switched to trusty old vinyl and serato that things started to really get going.

Souyan - Perfect Tundra
Hironori Takahashi - Medue (Obtane Puppetmachine remix) - sadig005
Shackleton - Fireworks - Honest Jon's
Terence Fixmer - Electric City (Function remix) - EDLX
Ryan Elliott - Abatis - Ostgut
Convextion - Salmo - AW
T++ - Storm - Erosion
Monolake - Excentric - Monolake
Mike Parker - Minos - Geophone
Tr nch - Challenger Deep ft. Jacques Picard - Unreleased
Donato Dozzy & Neel - Voices From The Lake (drop 2) - Prologue
Cio D'Or - Pailetten - Prologue
Mathew Johnson - Learning To Fly dub - Minus
Mike Parker - Caesura - Geophone
Shackleton - Next To Nothing - Crosstown Rebels
Iori - Dial - Prologue
Redshape - Nightshade (Tribute To Ramin) - Styrax
Ness - Diagnostic Sequence - Prologue
Go Hiyama - Waru - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Marcel Fengler - Thwack (Norman Nodge remix) - Mote-Evolver
Peter Van Hoesen - Side Hope In Honesterror - Time To Express
Mike Parker - Ringing Bass - Prologue
Kangding Ray - Or - Raster Noton
(no ID)
KV2X - Sequential - Field
(no ID)
Nick Dunton - Between Worlds (Sandwell District)
Mike Parker - Geophone 14
Nuel & Dozzy - Aguaplano 1111?
Revolt - The Tone - Choo Choo
Sandwell District - Immolare (Function version?)
Sleeparchive - Hospital 06 - Sleeparchive
Trybet - Nautical Two - Geophone
Stamp Series # ?
Ness - Imaging - Prologue
Dasha Rush - Wave Traveler - Sonic Groove 
Iori - Lapis - Prologue
Alva Noto - Berlin - Raster Noton
Michaelangelo - Om69 - Labrynth / Moby - Go
Jacopo Carreras - 4temp4 - Orange Mistake
(incomplete tracklist, feel free to add in any missing ID's!)

i believe this is the first anatomy mix extracted from a 'live' performance, and i'm happy it's coming from a deep techno head like dave. big thanks to him for sharing it. if you like the music and/or if you like dave's story, please consider making a donation - however small or large - to his treatment fundraiser to support him in his inspiring fight against cancer; you can follow his quest at his mindlessfullness blog. for dave's musical pursuits, the mariana page is under construction for now, so check out MYM tokyo and his myspace pages for more info. enjoy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

october chart

new chart! nuel's album trance mutation (stream and buy it here) is splendid, as is the new planetary assault systems album... the rest, well you'll just have to check out my shiny RA chart:

and stay tuned: i should have a new anatomy mix to share very soon.

Monday, October 17, 2011

monday moods: mathew jonson

tonight i suddenly got in a mathew jonson mood. if you don't know, you should: mathew jonson is from vancouver, canada and has been making some of the best 'minimal techno' in the world for about ten years. his tracks have dropped on labels like itiswhatitis, wagon repair (which he helps run) and probably most notably minus. using just a few percussive elements and an endlessly-looped melody or two, his tracks just keep going and going and going...

he plays an intense live set as well, according to my one experience seeing him jam out barely a dozen tracks over the course of three hours... enough jibber-jabber. a bunch of his music is on youtube, so i've selected a few of my own personal favorites. five tracks, 50 minutes:

'freedom engine' a nice relaxed jam to start off this survey. the other side of the vinyl is 'she is he,' also an excellent track that's sadly not on youtube. easily one of my all-time favorite records...

'marionette' classic - maybe his most well-known track. i'm pretty sure when i saw him play live, he let this one go for about twenty minutes.

'love letter to the enemy' this one is all about rapid-fire synth stabs and those deliciously blissed-out chords...

'symphony for the apocalypse' dark and dripping with psychedelia. incorrectly named on youtube - oh well.

'ball of light' i conclude with this, a particularly bright and shiny vision of the future.

there's plenty more of mathew jonson's material on youtube to check out. if you don't know, or even of you do know, do it to it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

casual violence - dasein is [anatomy 15]

smilecoldanatomy is finally back in action with a new mix, and i'm really excited to share this, the 15th anatomy: daisen is, from casual violence!

casual violence - anatomy 15

put simply, casual violence creates abrasive, cerebral electronic music. i first discovered his music in a mix whose identity i cannot at all recall, to be honest. but i then stumbled across this record (you can stream for free here), and have been following him since. i first contacted steve, as he's casually known, almost exactly a year ago; it's been a long time but we're both happy to present his mix, a 90-minute collection of slow, strange techno. to accompany the set, steve opened up with some extensive responses to my interview questions, so please read on:

Hello, Casual Violence! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from? How did you discover techno music, and what made you want to start producing your own music?

It's not so easy to pinpoint really how or where I discovered Techno music. When I was young (lets say in the 80's), and was for the first time developing my own taste in music (aside from what I was exposed to from my parents and older sister), Hip Hop, Electro, House, Acid House, and Techno were just developing. I think popular music was much more diverse. Margins were blurred, and genres didn't feel as strict, they were all one and the same to me. I was listening to music of all shapes, and in my mind there was no real difference between Chart music, Punk, New Wave, House, Techno, Electro, Hip Hop, or whatever.

I still pretty much think on this wavelength in some way, however, as I became older my taste shifted much more towards strictly electronic music, and then on to something more cerebral, dense, and abrasive. I became well aware that my city (Manchester, where I was born and still live) had this kind of musical identity and attitude of its own that was somehow dark and serious.

Rave/Hardcore happened pretty big over in the UK and Manchester, and a bunch of us at school got into collecting flyers and trading bootleg tapes from all the big party's we were too young to go to. I discovered Manchester based 808 State, who had their own radio show at the time playing all this great independent electronic music, and through this a more singular taste matured. I moved on to Jungle (which developed in to drum and bass), then became quite obsessed with the more caustic and aggressive sounds of hardcore techno for a while, from there I found Industrial, Rhythmic, Noise, and Drone. Then I got into turntables and started buying house, techno, and trance. Oliver Lieb's, 'LSG - The Black Series EP' pushed me in a more 'intelligent' direction, and then the records that were coming out on labels like Downwards, Tresor, Zhark, E-COM, and Seico Corp showed me that techno could have a more industrial aesthetic that I could totally connect to.

Man I could go on forever on the subject and still not be able to say, "I found techno here" - I guess my taste just developed very organically until I realised that 90% of my record collection was Techno music, and that Techno and all other genres had grown so much more apart.

I started producing my own music as soon as I had the tools to do so. I knew a few people who had small studio set up's and were using Atari ST's and such to create music, but I couldn't really afford the equipment needed to do so myself. My housemate at the time had just got this PC (they were pretty expensive back then), and he had a cousin who worked as a sound engineer. His cousin was saying, "you know you can do all this on a PC now". He knew about and had access to all the software, and installed us a bunch of music programs.

My early creations were pretty rudimentary, just rhythms really, but in time I developed and learned to be more expressive and how to get closer to the sound I wanted. Music is such a great abstract platform for expression of thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I suppose I got addicted, and from that point all my time and focus was channeled in to that process. I lost quite a few jobs, and it pretty much became standard behaviour for my housemate to be waking up at 4 am with me sat at the end of his bed still making music. Eventually he moved out and was nice enough to leave me the PC, I’m not entirely sure if I’ve slept since then.

Which musicians have made the biggest impact on you, as a listener and as a producer? Which musicians excite you right now?
Vromb, Orphx, Huren/Foster, The Klinik, Sonar, Ministry, Trent Reznor, Pan Sonic, Haus Arafna, Geistform, Imminent Starvation, Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle, Portishead, Public Enemy, 808 State, Depeche mode, Oliver Lieb, Joy Division.
For more techno orientated music: Iesope Drift/Ostia, Porter Ricks, Monolake, Mike Parker, Surgeon, Voidloss, Kareem, Regis, Cristian Vogal, Sleep Archive, British Murder Boys, Inigo Kennedy, Makaton.

I’m very much stimulated by industrial, rhythmic, and noise type music. It’s not just about the aggression and the sonic extremities, it’s also got something to do with this kind of aesthetic that seems to speak about something very real - It's difficult to put into words and articulate what I mean. For me music and sound must have a feeling of texture and depth, and I have a preference for more hypnotic music. I like when something takes it's time to develop. I just can't connect so well with instant gratification within most things. Even music that may seem quite harsh and powerful can still remain subtle and restrained.

I also find interest in film and game music/sound design. For example, the work of Akira Yamaoka, who did the music for the Silent Hill games, which have this almost overbearing mood and atmosphere. I have a huge interest in sound and sound design in general; to me it goes side by side with music.

Most Recently, I've been listening to (as ever) lots of Orphx (Their latest Album, 'Radiotherapy' is on heavy rotation) - Lots of music from an American duo, 'Lapse', who have this wonderfully textural and hypnotic style of techno - I’m constantly listening to, and inspired by Vromb (who I listen too possibly more than I listen to anybody else) - And right this very moment, as I type I’m listening to Haus Arafna's album, 'Butterfly', which is an amazing album. Additionally, I’m liking the current sound that’s been coming out of Italy these past few years via the Zooloft and Prologue camps.

If you had to choose your three all-time favourite records or songs, what would they be, and why?
That’s very difficult, and it changes constantly. Right now I will go with (in no particular order):

'Vromb - Episodes'
It’s hard for me to choose just one Vromb record. I was going to say 'Rayons', but I've basically gone with the highly scientific approach of, "the one that I think has the best packaging", and that’s 'Episodes'. Vromb is a total master. To try to explain his music, it's this kind of deep, dark, hypnotic, minimal, rhythmic, ambient, technoid, industrial hybrid. His albums energies flow perfectly, with each track effortlessly breathing in and out of each other as one. When I stated above that I like when something takes it's time to develop, this is a perfect example. I would maybe suggest that if you haven't really explored or heard Vromb, then listen to the Rayons album, and if you enjoy it, then listen to Episodes.

'Porter Ricks - Biokinetics'
Extremely filthy and deep, with sounds sucking in and out of each other from all directions. The Biokinetics album has masses and masses of texture, and this amazing production style that I’ve always found to be really quite inspiring.

'Orphx - Insurgent Flows'
Again it's very tough for me to pick just one Orphx album, but this is the one that introduced me to them (and still I think my favourite). Finding Orphx for me was like a reversal of the aforementioned discovery that techno could work so well with industrial and noise elements. Orphx, in balance, are like an industrial/noise project that perfectly incorporates techno elements. Very powerful and intense music… Always inspiring.

'Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'
I know you said three, but this one's real important. Public Enemy was the first music I actually chose for myself and the first real 'group' that I ever followed. Another reason for their importance is it's the first time I understood that there was music that had a message of some real weight and importance, it’s also the first time that I understood music to have a culture of its own (Hip Hop).

Aside from techno and 'electronic' music, what else do you listen to?
I listen to a pretty broad range of music; I just haven't really had the chance recently. I’ve been spending so much of my time writing music, which means lots of listening to myself… which is as much a curse as it is a blessing.

You have a full-length album due out next year. Can you tell us about it? How have you changed (or not changed) your production approach for the long-player format? How did you go about picking the album's artwork?
Indeed, it's a (possible double) CD entitled, 'Ashes These', limited to 50 physical copy's (then after that digital), due February 2011 on my own forthcoming label, 'Maieutics'. I’m not entirely sure anymore if I’m writing an album for the label, or if I’m creating the label for the album. It's turned out that they are feeding into and inspiring one another in a very natural way.

It originally started out as an EP intended to launch Maieutics; however, it reached a point where it was eight tracks long and still didn't feel as though the narrative had fully reached its potential conclusion. I had to admit to myself that it was becoming an album, and that if that was to be the case then it wasn't anywhere near finished.

That was back in January this year, and its shape and form at the very start has now totally changed, with tracks being stripped down and rewritten, some being dropped, and new ones being created. It’s an extremely organic process where if, for instance, a new song is added then it changes the whole flavour of the other tracks, along with the entire flow of the album as a whole, and everything needs to be re-evaluated. Like I say, it’s very organic and I’m just going with the flow.

The most notable way that my approach has changed, I guess, would be that I’m freer to experiment and write whatever pleases me. I can be more creative with tempo and form, and I'm free to focus less on the dance floor than I normally would, which has been my desire for a few years now. The fact that I’m self releasing also adds extra freedom, as I only have to answer to myself. It can be pretty hard going as things are never good enough, but I’m almost there, and it’s almost finished (minus some final details). The sleeves are to be handmade, and individually numbered (both by my own hand), so there is still that manufacturing process, and yet more possible creative obstacles to fight with myself about. It's been quite an involving and reflective experience, and very different to any other musical project I’ve ever taken on before.

I’m glad you ask about the artwork as its hugely important to me. I was playing with ideas for the look and feel of the label for quite a while. I had the musical direction, label concept, and visual design nailed, yet was struggling to find an art style that tied in with it all. The main theme behind Maieutics is enlightenment and the marriage between art, science, and philosophy. With the design being very definite and precise to represent science, and the music representing philosophy and existentialism: It made perfect sense that the art direction should of course represent (visual) art itself. I researched the classic paintings and the masters, as I felt these represented a time of enlightenment and discovery in connection with the labels philosophy, and I came across the stunningly epic looking 'Sacred And Profane Love' by Giovanni Baglione, which had this real fascinating story attached to it. I decided this second interpretation of the painting was to be the artwork for the album, and that the basis of the Maieutics artwork thereafter was to be centred mostly around the powerful and most beautiful work of Michelangelo Caravaggio.

I think I first came across your music by way of the gold-plated Why So Few release. So if I may ask, where do the vocals for 'Briefly Sexual' come from?
There are a few good reasons why I probably shouldn't say where they come from. It’s no secret, but it’s best I don't mention it here. Let’s just say that I 'borrowed' them in a creative manner.

I manipulated them slightly from their original form into something new to match the needs of that particular track, so the original source is not entirely obvious. I never intended for the vocal to be such a prominent feature (or expected Briefly Sexual to generate any kind of interest), and it was used purely on the merit of its tone and feel, as is any sound that I use. I chopped it up into single syllables, played with its rhythm and order, duplicated, double tracked, manipulated, and mistreated it in general. I’ve been asked quite a few times what the vocals are saying, and where they are from. The fact is, that the vocals don't say anything tangible whatsoever, and where they are from is a question best asked some other time perhaps.

Do you have an overall 'philosophy of music'? Aside from the musicians and sounds we talk about above, what keeps you inspired as a musician?
I do, and I would hope that's apparent from my (painfully long) answers so far. I’m interested in mood, colour, texture and feel, music has to have this to move me, it has to express something that can be felt, it has to have depth - real depth, where something further can be found beneath the immediate surface… Different layers to explore. I don't mean layers as in how many sounds are there. Music can be stripped down to a stark cold minimum and still have depth and layers inherent within the texture and feel of the sound.

It may sound cliché, but music can be a language and means to communicate ideas, feelings, thoughts, and questions that cannot be expressed so easily with words. It's a way to articulate who we are, what we experience, and a way to question or try explain those things that are perhaps beyond our comprehension. It's very much open to interpretation, a musician for example may try to express one thing with a piece of music, and the listener may interpret it completely differently in his or her own individual way to meet his or her own individual needs at that point in time.

I also believe in music that follows a more organic path, in the way that sounds are introduced, and the way in which energy and intensity flows. I like these things to develop at a natural pace and to require a little patience. Many natural things in the universe move through their own slow and organic cycles. Nature has its cycle and it develops and changes over time. I like this state to be reflected within sound, music, and the process.

Lastly, to briefly expand on a previous point about the blurring of margins. I do understand that there is a need for separate genres, and I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to categorise. Just that a little cross pollination, and a little individuality, are both highly important elements of musical progression.

Aside from the album, what is up next for Casual Violence?
Well, there is of course the label. I’m excited about how that will develop, along with the freedom it will bring. I’m also planning on a second label, 'SELF', which will come from a slightly different angle than Maieutics. There's some releases on the way too, with a 10" on Sect due sometime very soon, following that, I have an EP on Duality due the 16th this month (October), a CD compilation of various artist's that's also on Sect, an EP for Singularity, plus a few other things that I'm yet to start working on.

I have fair number of collaboration projects planned for next year also: some that are still at the idea stage, and some that are already in progress. I can't really say with whom yet as it's best to wait for the music - plus some of these projects are to remain anonymous. For my last booking of the year I’m making a trip to Madrid to play for Geométrika FM and Scrypard at Specka club on the 25th of November, that should be fun, and then finally, In January there is the small matter of my wife and I expecting our first born child.

Finally, tell us about your mix, Dasein Is.
I wanted the mix to be deep, textured, intense, and hypnotic. The tempo is slightly restrained to help enforce this idea, and once the groove is established I believe this makes total sense. There’s some pretty dense and drawn out layering, as my intention was for it to feel like this organically shifting rhythmic whole. The layering, I feel also brings some interesting textures and energies as the sounds wash in and out of each other from time to time. There is a slight dark mood also present throughout that feels and acts like the binding theme for the whole mix. Perhaps all that’s just my own romantic view - I’m sure it is. Ultimately, it's best left open to the interpretation of others ;)

dropbox download link

01 Vromb - Premier Générateur - ant-zen
02 Derlich - Hoax - Singularity
03 Lapse - Blowback - Unreleased
04 Lapse - Kin - Unreleased
05 Orphx - Density Current - Sonic Groove
06 Orphx - Apparition - Sonic Groove
07 Svreca - Seda Muerta - Female Remix - Semantica
08 Heiko Laux - Hangin - Kanzleramt
09 Mike Parker - Ringing Bass - Prologue
10 Mike Parker - FWD - Donato Dozzy Remix - Prologue
11 Allan Nonamaka - Birth Is Suffering - Labrynth
12 Obtane - This Town Is A Rotten Morgue - Sonic Groove
13 Claudio PRC - Clear Depths - Obtane Remix - Prologue
14 Lucy - Triad - Stroboscopic Artefacts
15 Surgeon - First - Outline Mix - Tresor
16 Thurisaz - fram niwiht æt niwiht - Rune
17 Robert Pain - Black Queen Chapter VI - Black Queen
18 Casual Violence - Burn It All Down - Maieutics
19 Robert Pain - Scena III - Transporta
20 Mike Parker - Night Of 21 Hours - Geophone
21 Timothy Alexander - 12 - Diacope
22 Robert Pain - Black Queen Chapter III - Black Queen
23 Casual Violence - Objet petit a - Maieutics
24 Porter Ricks - Biokinetics 2 - Chain Reaction
25 Porter Ricks - Redundance 4 - Force Inc. Music Works
26 Orphx - La Nebuleuse - Huren Remix - Hands Productions
27 Orphx - La Nebuleuse - Hands Productions
28 Nuel - Untitled - Aquaplano ltd
29 Vromb - Interférence - Ant-Zen

thanks again to steve for the nice sounds and nice words. if you wanna keep up on his art, check out the casual violence blog and the maieutics blog. more of his music can be found via his soundcloud. please enjoy his set! it's been fun getting to know him, and for a sort of 'anniversary' mix, i think his contribution works perfectly. be patient, and stay tuned, there will be more anatomy mixes soon...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NYC adventure #2

hello! i'm back... and i'm off on another adventure to new york city this weekend:

the centerpiece of my visit is gonna be that party on friday, with eight hours of donato dozzy and nuel (and an otherwise stacked lineup).

next up on saturday - if my legs are still working - is oktave's second birthday party at national underground with edit-select. read up on the news here. happy birthday, oktave!

sunday has an all-day bash with kate simko and delano smith.

and finally, to end the long weekend, a deep space night with francois k and dozzy. i've heard strange things about the venue but i'm down for new things...

who knows if i can make it to everything but meanwhile, i promise i'll finally be able to reveal anatomy 15 in the next few days. it's a weird one, so hold on to your butts. see you on the other side!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy birthday, happy 5000, thank you!

my, how the time has passed! two years ago - late september, 2009 - i launched this humble blog with the goal of sharing my (mostly musical) obsessions. around that same time i jumped into the world of dj'ing when my awesome friends elly and andrew lent me their old pair of technics 1200's...

since then, i've tried to push a specific sound through my own approach to dj'ing, and (primarily) through the anatomy series of mixes. so far, some of my favorite artists - 14 so far, from around the world - have graciously shared their sounds and their words with me and with anyone who's taken the chance with what i (we!) have tried to do here. and since i fired up my own official.fm page last year to store those mixes, that page has now accumulated 5000 downloads, and even more listens.

and aside from the honor of hosting some of those fine sounds, i've also been able to do some awesome things around chicago: take over the decks at the coolest spot in my neighborhood, play on WLUW and WNUR radio, and then make my debut at the best techno club in the city, smartbar.

so, i offer my sincerest thanks to some top-notch chicago people - elly, andrew (yeah, both of you!), josh, lisa, nate, and many many others - for helping to push me along, as well as andrea, claudio, juho and every other artist who has decided to join in the anatomy fun here. and i offer up just as much gratitude to everyone out there who has read, listened, and otherwise interacted with whatever it is i am doing here. kudos to all of you!

on a related note, i'll be playing at the morseland tonight with andrew solomon and lokua. as usual: good music, free music, check here for some more details. see you soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

qbot and patty take over wnur!

in need of some anatomy action on your radio? the techno melodrama will play out later this week, in just over 24 hours - wednesday late evening, thursday early morning - at WNUR radio in chicago! fellow chicago techno fiend qbot will be hosting me on the freeform segment in the very early hours of thursday morning.

you can listen at 89.3 FM if you are in the chicago area, or online at wnur.org - here's a download link for the .pls file to stream. find more info and start times according to major time zone at the facebook event page here. this is my third time on the program; as with prior engagements, i'll be pushing my techno onto the airwaves for a few hours at the start of the program before qbot does her thing to finish off the morning. tune in if you can!

Monday, August 29, 2011

monday moods

happy weekend-end, here now are some collections of tunes i've been enjoying, including excellent sets from a few anatomy affiliates...

artmospheric sessions #13 - alan backdrop @ artmospheric festival 2011 lucky #13 in a very nice mix series for the artmospheric festival, here's a recording of alan backdrop in action at the 5th annual edition of the bulgarian festival earlier this summer. sounds like alessio treated the festival to a very nice 2.5+hour set that builds through ambient and downtempo into deliciously deep house and techno. as usual, alessio's amazing selection is on display for our aural pleasure - and this recording is available in mp3@320 or flac (cd-quality) - so do it to it.

smoke machine podcast 023 - obtane a recent addition to the excellent smoke machine series, and it's another excellent set from obtane. sometimes, he crafts sets that are *perfect* techno journeys, and this is one of them. hypnotic, forward-thinking, suspenseful stuff. nicely done, obtane!

szare (live) @ headrush here's something unique for you: a szare live recording. if you've heard their tracks, you'll have a great idea of what's up: a funky sort of sparse techno with heavy doses of dark moods. but watch out for the surprise in the middle...

clr podcast 128 - dadub (direct download) the anatomy alumni make a live set for chris liebing's podcast. marcel dettmann was at the controls of the CLR 'cast the prior week, but (and pardon the bias) i like this one even more, maybe because dadub's set nails a specific mood for one whole hour: rolling techno steeped in dub'd-out, emotional atmospheres, with that chunky stroboscopic sound signature. with sigha and donor/truss in recent weeks, it seems like the CLR podcast is on a roll right now.

slash dot dash podcast 006 - kenneth christiansen this was the perfect soundtrack to a hazy day at the beach recently: kenneth christiansen, the mind behind the echocord label family, pushing out almost three hours of grooves for this recording. deep, dubby, bla bla ... what matters is the excellent track selection and fine mixing.

enjoy, and have a happy monday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

friday funk

the air & water show will fill the skies over chicago this weekend, but come fly with me at these events:

TOMORROW: JOHN HUGHES AT NOON the hefty records boss will play a live set at noon - for FREE - at the pritzker pavilion downtown, together with a drummer and a vibraphone player. check out this youtube video, which hopefully gives us an idea of what to expect. the music will only last a little over an hour, so be sure to arrive on time!

TOMORROW NIGHT: TAMA SUMO & MARCEL DETTMANN AT SMARTBAR a lethal one-two punch of berlin beats: tama sumo should keep it more on the house-y side, and if dettmann's set last year at smartbar is any indicator, he should be bringing a pile of intense techno back to town. get pumped up with this recent mix from tama sumo, and this set for CLR from dettmann (direct download). gramaphone DJ tyrel williams does opening duties - i'm very excited for a no-computer no-nonsense night of techno and house in the windy city!

and now, onto a few mixes i've been caning. a little bit of deep house; a mysterious, oddly funky live set; a warm serving of laboratory techno... read on:

kassem mosse - RA.272 i've only recently become a casual fan of gunnar wendel, aka kassem mosse - it probably started with this laid record last summer - but i had the privilege of seeing him perform live a few months ago and enjoyed his slow, smoke-filled take on house music. and that's basically what he serves up for RA: deep and loose. do it to it!

milton bradley - LWE podcast 91 one of my absolute favorite producers right now, milton bradley shares a live set with little white earbuds. while his records betray an affinity for broken beats, this recording sticks mostly to 4/4, which is fine with me. funk music for ghosts, i say.

dino sabatini - outis podcast 01 not only does our anatomy friend have a new label with its first record modulated waves out at shops, he's offered up the screams of outis - a new 'hybrid' mix blending together dino's own material. it's deep, dark, clinical and dangerously hypnotic. and to sweeten the deal, he's offered up full streaming versions of both modulations from outis 001. go dino!

okay, that's it for now. fans of the anatomy mixes, fear not: i'm arranging the next few mixes, and otherwise plotting a few appropriate sets of sounds for the fall and holiday seasons later this year. stay tuned, and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

this week in chicago!

hello all, i'm still alive, and preparing for this week/end in the windy city:

TONIGHT: MORSELAND/SMARTBAR DOUBLEHEADER lokua oversees a night of live sets and the release of a new album on his momentsound label from kollage. leo123 and radius join the fun together as lagos - it's FREE as usual, so read all about it here. simultaneously, rogers park gets some representation at smartbar, with the local gramaphone shop hosting dj's from podval as well as little white earbuds... this one is also FREE! check out the lineup here.

FRIDAY: ONUR OZER the turkish dj comes stateside for a bunch of parties around the country, and chicago gets him friday night. it's a graffiti party, underground, late night - go to the RA event for more info.

SATURDAY: DANIEL BELL the detroit veteran will play smartbar, and there's another reason to rejoice saturday night: my awesome music friends elly and andrew - aka kiddo and antiphase - will be playing their first set together to celebrate their recent marriage. congratulations, elly and andrew!

should be an action-packed end to the week in chicago. next up i'll have some more recommended mixes to check out - stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

patty on RTS.fm 2011-06-23

patty star

finally! the recording of my set on RTS.fm last month is ready to share. this three-hour collection of long soundscapes and dark rhythms was realized on thursday, june 23rd with vinyl records on two technics 1200mk2 turntables (with shure whitelabel cartridges), blended with an allen & heath xone:62 mixer and fed into my friend oleg's laptop in order to stream live online from his apartment. no editing besides an attempt to boost the levels; overall it's a bit quiet, so feel free to turn it up. the set was originally supposed to be two hours, but oleg graciously let me have more time to stretch out, so i tried to go on an even deeper journey...

Ø (mika vainio) - heijastuva | sahko
mohlao - ambrose | meanwhile
the gods planet - from the core | TGP
dino sabatini - step 2 | sonic groove
panasonic - aines | blast first
lawrence - just like heaven | smallville
hubble - floating souls | haknam
giorgio gigli|obtane - psychological scene of the imagination | zooloft
monolake - fragile | monolake/imbalance computer music
samuli kemppi - no one can hear your echo in space | prologue
rossella - herbie | cyclical tracks
o/v/r - post-traumatic son | blueprint
dino sabatini - stheno | prologue
giorgio gigli|obtane|nax_acid - the child that was watching the moon | zooloft/aconito ZAltd
szare - document | horizontal ground
northern structures - plus minus | sonic groove
iori - lapis 1 | prologue
ben klock - before one | ostgut ton
nax_acid|ink - a jarvik ax 7.1 | aconito
smear - transect (broadwave execution mix) | forward strategy group
cub - C U 1 | cub
perc - BCG (forward strategy group remix) | perc trax
marcel dettmann - screen | ostgut ton
dino sabatini|donato dozzy - in vaders | prologue
reality or nothing - b1 (function mix) | RSB
milton bradley - the path to mathematical truth | do not resist the beat!
planetary assault systems - temporary suspension | ostgut ton
giorgio gigli - self-reflection | prologue
fabrizio lapiana - unusual dynamics | attic music
alex pili - dgt is shit (nax_acid edit) | aconito
lucy - tof (tommy four seven remix) | stroboscopic artefacts
tr nch|iori - barreleye | time to express
hubble - sand | haknam
obtane|giorgio gigli - chemistry of human life (abstract narrative edit) | zooloft

thanks to my music friends and affiliates around the world for their beautiful music and inspiring messages. extra thanks to RTS.fm for hosting me, and to oleg for the hospitality. and more info on my chosen visual artwork can be found here. enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

july chart!

welcome to the future, with my new top 10 chart! mostly new stuff, and then some brand new stuff. hubble's new release for haknam will probably be one of my favorites of the year, and mika vainio's heijastuva EP as Ø is 30+ minutes of ambient goodness. check it out...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

midpoint 2011

hello all! and thanks to those who patiently tuned in to my set on rts.fm last week ... i started a bit late and was preparing for a 2-hour set, but with approval from my gracious host oleg, i decided to dig deeper and play for three hours... i hope to have an mp3 recording of my set from the site soon and i'll be sure to share it with everyone!

in a related matter, my friend andrew solomon also has a spot later today at the rts.fm studio here in chicago - same starting time as my set last week, 2pm central (US). check out the rts.fm link here, and the facebook event page here. furthermore, andrew will be playing with m50 (for free!) at downtown bar and lounge tomorrow/friday night... not much you need to know about that party, but click through to the RA event for more info.

and, in more anatomy-associated news:

XHIN DEBUT US MINI-TOUR: LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK huzzah! another anatomy mixer makes it stateside. unfortunately no chicago date, but i hope the heads in california (this weekend) and nyc (next friday) give xhin a warm welcome for his first appearances in the country. more precise details at xhin's RA page. he's also returned to stroboscopic vinyl, with a track on SA's 10th wax release. give it a peak here.

NEW FORWARD STRATEGY GROUP VINYL COMING SOON smear and patrick walker join forces with some corporate affiliates for a new vinyl release on dynamic reflection. find the rest of the revealed details here and stay tuned... go FSG!

NEW ZOOLOFT VINYL IN STORES another update from the zooloft collective: 00G, the dark thoughts of fate's manufacturer, is out now on delicious vinyl and probably at a store 'near' you - for example, at juno. kudos to giorgio, obtane and milton bradley for a tasteful dose of darkness and as usual, zoom to the zooloft blog for more dystopian audio/video.

okay, that's all for now. coming soon: july top 10 chart, more record discussion and yes, finally... anatomy 15!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

patty LIVE on rts.fm tomorrow!

that's right: yours truly will be playing live for your listening and viewing pleasure at rts.fm tomorrow from 2pm to 4pm central time in the united states - that will be 5 or more hours later in the evening for my european friends. you can find a bit more information here on the site and join in the facebook event fun (and figure out the right time for your location) here. since it's a video stream, you'll be able to listen and watch me perform, if you're feeling voyeuristic.

thanks to rts.fm and my friend oleg for hosting me! i'll be bringing a crate of records to swim in, so tune in if you want to dive deep with me...

Friday, June 10, 2011


chicago techno heads, take note if you haven't yet... the nyc/chicago oktave crew (yes, the same people who hosted cio d'or and traversable wormhole last weekend) will host function and peter van hoesen as as they make their chicago debuts tomorrow at smartbar!

both of these berlin-based artists should be at least vaguely familiar to anyone who follows this blog (i hope!) - function (also known as dave sumner, originally from new york) is a long-time techno veteran and one of the minds behind sandwell district. he has a penchant for a type of techno that could maybe best be described as 'angular' but other keywords could be deep, dark, droning... he's helped to curate a series of 'variances' on sandwell, including this edit from regis:

and check out his remix for traversable wormhole on CLR:

peter van hoesen, a native of belgium, pushes a similarly hard and raw sound, with his own music and though his time to express imprint which has featured tracks from donato dozzy, cio d'or and samuli kemppi among others. here's one of my favorite productions of his, 'continued care':

and here's the slow-motion intro to last year's acclaimed entropic city LP:

oktave resident and perc trax artist jeff derringer will open the night with some deep cuts, so there's no reason not to camp out for 7 hours within the friendly funktion 1 confines of smartbar tomorrow. on top of that, word is that function's live+dj setup includes a 909, and initial reviews from his set last weekend in montreal during mutek have been quite positive. should be a good one... see you there!

Friday, June 3, 2011

going to new york city!

that's right, yours truly is heading east to pop his nyc cherry this weekend! i leave in 12 hours, and return tuesday...

a big reason i'm going, besides hanging out with my detroit techno friend sibin, is to go to the oktave party tomorrow night with cio d'or, traversable wormhole and jeff derringer. even with a technical difficulties, cio played a gorgeously deep set of techno in detroit last weekend, and traversable wormhole (an nyc native) was impressive as well so i'm excited to see what both artists do for this party. jeff will start and finish things... can't wait to try out the nyc techno scene!

then sunday i think i'll try out this mister sunday party with space dimension controller. a $12 outdoor afternoon party: sounds like a good time.

come say hi, i'm hoping this will be the first of many new york adventures!

anatomy news

lots of things happening in the smilecoldanatomy galaxy. read on to see what some anatomy mixers are up to lately:

STROBOSCOPIC ARTEFACTS SHOWCASE in BERLIN TONIGHT last minute alert! berlin club suicide circus will host lucy and pfirter for a showcase of SA sounds. look it up on RA then go go go!

NAX_ACID in LONDON TOMORROW curator of the first anatomy and the mind behind aconito records, nax_acid and his label-mate bioni samp will be playing the fluid bar in london tomorrow. it's either cheap or free, and i'm sure nax will be banging out some new aconito jams. go check it out!

PERC and FSG in LONDON (NEXT SATURDAY) perc and the lethal corporate duo of smear and patrick walker will join forces with truss at an underground party in london next saturday to celebrate the release of perc's LP wicker and steel. check it out and get tickets at RA.

PROLOGUE in JAPAN THIS SUMMER claudio prc, dino sabatini and iori will all play the rural festival next month in shizuoka, japan! unfortunately the rest of the details are announced in japanese... via this flyer. but this sounds awesome and i hope to hear some reviews of this one later.

DINO SABATINI'S NEW LABEL speaking of dino, he's started his own label, outis music. go check out the official homepage, where he explains the inspiration behind the label: odysseus, the ancient greek hero, whom i studied extensively in school. also get on the label's new podcast. the first release drops later this month on digital and - yes! - vinyl.... go dino!

NEW MIXES from GIORGIO GIGLI double your pleasure with two new studio sets from giorgio: first, a low-bpm deep techno journey for smoke machine. and for the true romantics, this two-hour collection of dramatic atmospheres for speedy j's electric deluxe podcast. and just for the hell of it, check out this youtube clip of giorgio's recent zooloft epic. ciao giorgio!

XHIN GETS THE CURSE another new studio set from an anatomy mixer, as xhin puts one together for get the curse (direct DL here), and check out the intriguing (as usual) tracklisting here. and what's more: xhin is set to tour the US in july! stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

anatomy picks: movement 2011!

it's finally upon us... detroit's movement festival!
movement, or DEMF or PEMF, depending on how you ask, hosts five stages of music from noon to midnight, saturday/sunday/monday, and as usual there's plenty of options to choose from. there are the obvious picks - ricardo villalobos will return to the US for the first time in years; richie hawtin and sven vath will draw the usual mass jubilation; adam beyer's festival-closing set on monday could be fun - but smilecoldanatomy likes it even deeper, so here's my recommendations for must-see artists at the fest.

CIO D'OR charmingly abstract productions... warm, endlessly hypnotic studio mixes... cio d'or is, to me, a real artist. if you need a teaser, check this collaborative mix with donato dozzy that i've already praised. her set at the festival will be her first visit ever to detroit, and i have no doubt that it will be special. torino stage, saturday 6-730pm

MONOLAKE another anatomy favorite, robert henke aka monolake obviously has a fan in cio d'or, who uses his tracks frequently in her mixes. long story short: monolake created the ableton live audio program, and his austere, bass-heavy techno (try out this youtube) should roll over quite perfectly in the torino underground where he'll play a live surround set with visuals provided by his VJ. i'll check out visionquest upstairs beforehand, but i'll probably be missing hawtin in order to close the festival with monolake. torino stage, saturday 1030pm-close

MARGARET DYGAS a resident DJ at the infamous panoramabar in berlin, dygas is clearly doing something right. check out her deep, dubby mix for lwe... a smooth dj who has a slim output as a producer, last year saw the release of her debut full-length album, how do you do, which is definitely worth a listen or two (or for now, just check out this track from the album).... pretty spaced out 'house' music that keeps a dark, cerebral edge. also worth noting: one of my favorite sets last year came from fellow panoramabar resident cassy, who stormed the beatport stage before hawtin's sub-in for the cancelled villalobos appearance. this year, dygas gets two hours on the big stage to get things going before villalobos; i have high hopes for her set. vitamin water stage, sunday 5-7pm

TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE otherwise known as adam x, who is also known as the boss of sonic groove, the long-established nyc techno label that seems to be really hitting its stride right now (killer 12s by northern structures, dino sabatini and realmz). as traversable wormhole, adam performs live, jamming dubstep and techno to create something dark and fierce... here's this youtube video of function remix a TW track. i'll probably miss the first bit of dygas' set in order to get my wormhole traversed. torino stage, sunday 5-6pm

BEN KLOCK and MARCEL DETTMANN it's probably worth pairing these two. they both call berghain (the berlin club connected to panoramabar) their home-base, and are prolific producers for berghain's ostgut ton imprint, both having released their debut albums via o-ton. both also run their labels (klockworks and MDR) and stick to a tough, raw techno aesthetic - i'll admit, i usually prefer dettmann's more clinical approaches. and both will be doing the business underground at torino sunday night with klock leading the way for dettmann's closing set. this is probably how i will end sunday at the festival. torino stage, sunday 9-1030pm (klock), 1030-close (dettmann)

... so, those are my festival picks. where's monday, you say? monday will be everywhere after a weekend of dance music around detroit. if i make it back to the festival (which i plan to do!), i intend to catch PEARSON SOUND/RAMADANMAN and SCUBA at the red bull stage- two dj's with a similar penchant for taking dubstep sounds, pitching them down a bit, and adding elements of house and techno. should be a pleasant final-lap change from strictly 4/4 beats.

that's all for now. and yes, those picks mean i plan on spending a lot of time underground at the torino stage. my friends and i begin our journey to detroit in 10 hours. i plan on checking out the smartbar party at tv lounge friday night, the RA CLR party at elysium saturday night (probably followed by the 'i love you but' party), and probably the monday old miami party, and who knows what else. look for the tall skinny guy with glasses and you've probably found me. cheers, and happy memorial day weekend!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

tonight at smartbar: BEN KLOCK

tonight is the night! i make my smartbar debut here in chicago alongside qbot, ryan elliott and ben klock. it's klock's first time in the windy city so let's make it special! i play 10 to 1130, qbot plays next until 1230, and then ryan and klock take over (2-hour sets for both, i believe). hopefully klock should need no introduction as a resident DJ at berlin's berghain club, a fixture on the club's ostgut ton imprint, and manager of his own klockworks label project. ryan elliott has less of production output but plenty of skills behind the decks, as evidenced in his recent LWE podcast.

for hints on what i'll play, here's my RA chart for the month of may... slow and deep will be my order for the night: