Monday, April 22, 2013

anatomy 24 - percyl

finally, the next anatomy mix... from percyl!

percyl - anatomy 24

percyl is clement and baudouin, a french dj/production duo with a soft spot for toughened-up, no-bullshit techno. they recently put out their first vinyl release, the exopia EP, on pushmaster discs, and they'll appear on krill music's upcoming habitat 2xLP compilation. as DJs, they've been billed alongside a wealth of international artists - and some of my own favorites - like milton bradley, marcel dettmann and samuli kemppi. though they mostly play around paris, last summer they made their debut at the mighty berlin club tresor.

after coming across some of their sets last year, i knew percyl would be a good fit for this blog's mix series. measuring exactly one hour long and featuring some of their own stuff, anatomy 24 covers plenty of ground, but always moves briskly, relentlessly forward. proper stuff, methinks. the guys want to keep it pretty simple - no tracklist, no interview - but they did have this to say:
This set represents our passion for vinyl and techno music. We always seek to express new atmospheres in each set.
Peace from France,
Clement & Baudouin
dropbox download link

percyl have some very cool gigs scheduled for the coming weeks. in paris, they'll play with, of berlin's dystopian crew, before handling the local support at a sonic groove label night with adam x, dasha rush and northern structures. in bordeaux later in may, they're booked with stroboscopic artefacts boss lucy... nice stuff all around! for all info and necessary details, follow percyl on facebook, soundcloud and RA.

thanks to clement and baudouin for joining the fun here at smilecoldanatomy. hold on tight, everyone, and enjoy the mix!

Friday, April 19, 2013

updates: robert henke, cio d'or

recently i had the pleasure of chatting with two of my favorite artists: robert henke and cio d'or. over at RA, i wrote this piece and that piece on their upcoming performances in the US, and had the chance to go on record with them for a little Q&A. both revealed some intriguing bits of information...

robert henke happily chatted about his shows, his class at stanford university, and of course, monolake. but he also had this to say:
Right after I come back from Stanford I am going to throw all my energy on a new project. It's an audiovisual project with a strong focus on beats, and it will have its premiere at Unsound festival in Krakow in October. But it will not be a Monolake set. ... If the new project works out the way I hope it does, I am going to tour a lot with it and I will not do Monolake shows any more ... If the preparations go well, there will be a teaser for it out in September.
cio d'or, charming as always, talked a little about her own pursuits:
... I immersed myself in musical theory and piano music, playing small infinite-sounding piano loops. Employing the use of orchestral instruments enabled me to expand my musical repertoire—also for film soundtracks and theatre pieces. This has resulted in my first cinematic theatre composition, which I have recently completed, and will be premiered this September in Salzburg.
exciting things on the horizon for both artists, it seems. while you join me in looking forward to whatever new music might come from them later in the year, have a look at their upcoming schedules (robert henke's homepage and cio d'or's homepage). if you're in the US - especially on the western side of the country - you might be able to see robert and cio perform in the coming weeks.

in fact, robert will be doing a dust show at northwestern university up in evanston on saturday, may 4th. that is the same night as the only for robots party i'll be playing at primary, headlined by mike parker. i'm not sure about the timing for dust, but daring heads might be able to catch both events that night...

Friday, April 12, 2013

mike parker prepares LUSTRATIONS for prologue

more intriguing news!

abstract-techno maestro mike parker will return to the munich label prologue to release lustrations, his second full-length album. it comes almost a dozen years since dispatches, mike's first album issued via his own longtime label, geophone. while that one focused on previously-released vinyl tracks, lustrations will be made up entirely of unreleased material, each with the usual, very compelling track titles. prologue promises "12 hypnotic driven tracks designed to be timeless, produced to be played in techno temples" - and it will come out, in early june, on triple vinyl. hell yeah!

01 - Lustration One (Khonsu)
02 - Lustration Two (Nor'easter)
03 - Lustration Tree (Atlantic)
04 - Lustration Four (DaiKaiju)
05 - Lustration Five (息)
06 - Lustration Six (Megalith)
07 - Lustration Seven (Forms)
08 - Lustration Eight (Contours)
09 - Lustration Nine (Drums)
10 - Lustration Ten (Pressure Zone)
11 - Lustration Eleven (Sarychev)
12 - Lustration Twelve (Dericho)

chicago techno fiends, ALERT: mike will be making his windy city debut on saturday, may 4th at primary, headlining a don't trust humans party called only for robots. jeff derringer from oktave, who just made his berghain debut in berlin, and komprezzor will offer up local support, along with... yours truly! check the flyer at right and hit up the facebook event to learn more. it should be a fantastic night of weird, hard-hitting jams, so come early and stay late-late-late!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

abdulla rashim launches new label, NORTHERN ELECTRONICS

intriguing news!

since mid-2011, abdulla rashim has been sharing his hypnotic brand of techno primarily by way of his own self-titled imprint - i recently reviewed his very nice semien terara EP at RA - and now the shadowy swede is starting another label. northern electronics will be home to contributions from his friends as well as abdulla rashim himself. tuned-in fans should be happy to know that the new label is aiming for a somewhat brisk pace of around five releases a year. first up is the misantropen LP from another mysterious artist named varg. made up of eight "machine experiments", each created live in one take, and mastered by neel, that one is due out on vinyl and limited cassette later this month. acid lovers, pay attention. you can get a taste of misantropen below.

keep track of the soundcloud pages for northern electronics and varg, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to follow abdulla rashim of course, and join me in looking forward to more intriguing outsider electronics from the new label!

... and if you haven't checked it yet, you must listen to abdulla rashim's excellent anatomy mix...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

speedy j and lucy reveal their ZEITGEBER project

electric deluxe boss speedy j and stroboscopic artefacts mastermind lucy are teaming up to release an album under the name zeitgeber. the self-titled eight-tracker will come out on SA by way of a 2xLP pack - the first album to be released on the label in that format. (it'll also be released digitally.) zeitgeber looks to be filled with cerebral techno pointed away from the dance floor... given each artist's experimental tendencies, the project sure seems like a natural pairing. as usual, SA studio wizards dadub - who recently put out their own very nice album you are eternity as well as an RA podcast, and who also mixed anatomy 13 way back in april 2011 as part of this blog's series of stroboscopic mixes - will handle the mastering.

zeitgeber hits the streets on june 10th. check the tracklist and artwork below, and add this to your list of LPs to look out for in 2013.

A1 Closely Related
A2 These Rhythms
A3 Skin
B1 None Of Their Defects
B2 From Here
C Now Imagine
D1 Before They Wake
D2 Display 24

Monday, April 1, 2013

monday moods: hear patrick walker in action at tresor

happy april fools' day, everyone. perhaps you noticed a few poor attempts at humor today on a few so-called "leading" music websites - for example, FACT's reporting on a (fake) new album from boards of canada - but i won't mislead you here, i promise.

back in march, forward strategy group - aka smear and patrick walker - hit berlin to play vaunted club tresor for the second time, and it looks like patrick got a chance to go solo for a while, as evidenced by this two-hour recording that's available for download over at the FSG soundcloud. tracks from rrose, milton bradley, mick finesse and northern structures all get tossed in to the mix, as well as stuff from the FSG guys themselves. buckle up!

and don't forget: heads in dublin can catch FSG at an RA party next weekend, along with andy stott and cut hands.