Thursday, June 30, 2011

midpoint 2011

hello all! and thanks to those who patiently tuned in to my set on last week ... i started a bit late and was preparing for a 2-hour set, but with approval from my gracious host oleg, i decided to dig deeper and play for three hours... i hope to have an mp3 recording of my set from the site soon and i'll be sure to share it with everyone!

in a related matter, my friend andrew solomon also has a spot later today at the studio here in chicago - same starting time as my set last week, 2pm central (US). check out the link here, and the facebook event page here. furthermore, andrew will be playing with m50 (for free!) at downtown bar and lounge tomorrow/friday night... not much you need to know about that party, but click through to the RA event for more info.

and, in more anatomy-associated news:

XHIN DEBUT US MINI-TOUR: LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK huzzah! another anatomy mixer makes it stateside. unfortunately no chicago date, but i hope the heads in california (this weekend) and nyc (next friday) give xhin a warm welcome for his first appearances in the country. more precise details at xhin's RA page. he's also returned to stroboscopic vinyl, with a track on SA's 10th wax release. give it a peak here.

NEW FORWARD STRATEGY GROUP VINYL COMING SOON smear and patrick walker join forces with some corporate affiliates for a new vinyl release on dynamic reflection. find the rest of the revealed details here and stay tuned... go FSG!

NEW ZOOLOFT VINYL IN STORES another update from the zooloft collective: 00G, the dark thoughts of fate's manufacturer, is out now on delicious vinyl and probably at a store 'near' you - for example, at juno. kudos to giorgio, obtane and milton bradley for a tasteful dose of darkness and as usual, zoom to the zooloft blog for more dystopian audio/video.

okay, that's all for now. coming soon: july top 10 chart, more record discussion and yes, finally... anatomy 15!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

patty LIVE on tomorrow!

that's right: yours truly will be playing live for your listening and viewing pleasure at tomorrow from 2pm to 4pm central time in the united states - that will be 5 or more hours later in the evening for my european friends. you can find a bit more information here on the site and join in the facebook event fun (and figure out the right time for your location) here. since it's a video stream, you'll be able to listen and watch me perform, if you're feeling voyeuristic.

thanks to and my friend oleg for hosting me! i'll be bringing a crate of records to swim in, so tune in if you want to dive deep with me...

Friday, June 10, 2011


chicago techno heads, take note if you haven't yet... the nyc/chicago oktave crew (yes, the same people who hosted cio d'or and traversable wormhole last weekend) will host function and peter van hoesen as as they make their chicago debuts tomorrow at smartbar!

both of these berlin-based artists should be at least vaguely familiar to anyone who follows this blog (i hope!) - function (also known as dave sumner, originally from new york) is a long-time techno veteran and one of the minds behind sandwell district. he has a penchant for a type of techno that could maybe best be described as 'angular' but other keywords could be deep, dark, droning... he's helped to curate a series of 'variances' on sandwell, including this edit from regis:

and check out his remix for traversable wormhole on CLR:

peter van hoesen, a native of belgium, pushes a similarly hard and raw sound, with his own music and though his time to express imprint which has featured tracks from donato dozzy, cio d'or and samuli kemppi among others. here's one of my favorite productions of his, 'continued care':

and here's the slow-motion intro to last year's acclaimed entropic city LP:

oktave resident and perc trax artist jeff derringer will open the night with some deep cuts, so there's no reason not to camp out for 7 hours within the friendly funktion 1 confines of smartbar tomorrow. on top of that, word is that function's live+dj setup includes a 909, and initial reviews from his set last weekend in montreal during mutek have been quite positive. should be a good one... see you there!

Friday, June 3, 2011

going to new york city!

that's right, yours truly is heading east to pop his nyc cherry this weekend! i leave in 12 hours, and return tuesday...

a big reason i'm going, besides hanging out with my detroit techno friend sibin, is to go to the oktave party tomorrow night with cio d'or, traversable wormhole and jeff derringer. even with a technical difficulties, cio played a gorgeously deep set of techno in detroit last weekend, and traversable wormhole (an nyc native) was impressive as well so i'm excited to see what both artists do for this party. jeff will start and finish things... can't wait to try out the nyc techno scene!

then sunday i think i'll try out this mister sunday party with space dimension controller. a $12 outdoor afternoon party: sounds like a good time.

come say hi, i'm hoping this will be the first of many new york adventures!

anatomy news

lots of things happening in the smilecoldanatomy galaxy. read on to see what some anatomy mixers are up to lately:

STROBOSCOPIC ARTEFACTS SHOWCASE in BERLIN TONIGHT last minute alert! berlin club suicide circus will host lucy and pfirter for a showcase of SA sounds. look it up on RA then go go go!

NAX_ACID in LONDON TOMORROW curator of the first anatomy and the mind behind aconito records, nax_acid and his label-mate bioni samp will be playing the fluid bar in london tomorrow. it's either cheap or free, and i'm sure nax will be banging out some new aconito jams. go check it out!

PERC and FSG in LONDON (NEXT SATURDAY) perc and the lethal corporate duo of smear and patrick walker will join forces with truss at an underground party in london next saturday to celebrate the release of perc's LP wicker and steel. check it out and get tickets at RA.

PROLOGUE in JAPAN THIS SUMMER claudio prc, dino sabatini and iori will all play the rural festival next month in shizuoka, japan! unfortunately the rest of the details are announced in japanese... via this flyer. but this sounds awesome and i hope to hear some reviews of this one later.

DINO SABATINI'S NEW LABEL speaking of dino, he's started his own label, outis music. go check out the official homepage, where he explains the inspiration behind the label: odysseus, the ancient greek hero, whom i studied extensively in school. also get on the label's new podcast. the first release drops later this month on digital and - yes! - vinyl.... go dino!

NEW MIXES from GIORGIO GIGLI double your pleasure with two new studio sets from giorgio: first, a low-bpm deep techno journey for smoke machine. and for the true romantics, this two-hour collection of dramatic atmospheres for speedy j's electric deluxe podcast. and just for the hell of it, check out this youtube clip of giorgio's recent zooloft epic. ciao giorgio!

XHIN GETS THE CURSE another new studio set from an anatomy mixer, as xhin puts one together for get the curse (direct DL here), and check out the intriguing (as usual) tracklisting here. and what's more: xhin is set to tour the US in july! stay tuned...