Saturday, September 29, 2012

three years!

time is passing... and today marks three years since the day smilecoldanatomy was born!

i'd like to thank any and all who have ever taken a chance with the words and sounds i try to share here, and to every artist who has decided to join the fun and contribute some sounds and, um, words.

(and yes, i know the anatomy mixes have been few and far between over the last year but fear not, there will be more of them soon.)

to help 'celebrate' the birthday, i've finally launched the new smilecoldanatomy page at and created fresh players and download links for every previous anatomy mix. well, almost every one: alan backdrop's anecumene was too big for so i've created a new dropbox link for downloading. anyway, you can now see the new players and links for each mix (lined up over the old/alternate players) on their respective page.

for a real blast from the past, you can find the full back catalog of players listed here (and by clicking "read more" if necessary). and as always you can find the page links for each individual mix on the right sidebar. enjoy, again!

Friday, September 28, 2012

auji - conclusion came to you

after hearing his debut EP love you more for pan records last year, i marked as a name worth keeping an eye on. love you more's four tracks were deep, noir-ish and (usually) long - which basically sums up my preferred take on house music. so it's exciting to see that the tokyo artist, now just using the name auji, keeps up the fine form on aniara recordings with another EP, conclusion came to you.

auji's two tracks "conclusion came to you (part 1)" and "conclusion came to you (part 2)" take on deepness of a different color: in contrast to the somewhat gloomy nighttime vibe of love you more, here auji steps easily into lighter, sunnier scenes. a nifty low-end riff underpins the nine-minute long "part 1" but i find "part 2," with its sensual vocal hypnotics and clever arrangements of claps and hi-hats, especially memorable. i suppose the aniara remix is more floor-friendly, but i'm not as keen on its harder, shuffling percussion and an overall emphasis on rhythm over atmosphere. still good stuff, but it's auji's excellent pair of ultra-moody originals that are the clear winners here.

graciously, the label is offering up a FREE full stream of the EP on soundcloud next to their other releases - you can also try out the player below. also be sure to check out the website, where you can learn more about the artist and see some of his visual works (like the sketch embedded at right).

Monday, September 24, 2012

my RA review for GATF

i came, i saw, i techno'd, and then i wrote about it, so feel free to go read my review of the great american techno festival at resident advisor. denver was a pretty fun city with tons of delicious craft beer to be enjoyed, and the GATF guys were a cordial group. i'm sure next year's festival is already on their minds - kudos and good luck!

my music highlight of the weekend was definitely mike parker's mind-tickling set. i also got to chat with mike for a while, which was a pleasure. and good news, fans: somewhere off in the future, yes! he will craft an anatomy mix...

Monday, September 3, 2012

monday moods: catch a wave...

now here's some monday love for drexciya, the pioneering detroit electro/techno group whose founding member, james stinson, passed away exactly ten years ago today. here's some of my personal favorites from drexciya's catalog of deep aquatic vistas: