Saturday, September 29, 2012

three years!

time is passing... and today marks three years since the day smilecoldanatomy was born!

i'd like to thank any and all who have ever taken a chance with the words and sounds i try to share here, and to every artist who has decided to join the fun and contribute some sounds and, um, words.

(and yes, i know the anatomy mixes have been few and far between over the last year but fear not, there will be more of them soon.)

to help 'celebrate' the birthday, i've finally launched the new smilecoldanatomy page at and created fresh players and download links for every previous anatomy mix. well, almost every one: alan backdrop's anecumene was too big for so i've created a new dropbox link for downloading. anyway, you can now see the new players and links for each mix (lined up over the old/alternate players) on their respective page.

for a real blast from the past, you can find the full back catalog of players listed here (and by clicking "read more" if necessary). and as always you can find the page links for each individual mix on the right sidebar. enjoy, again!

alan backdrop - anecumene [anatomy 09] (dropbox download link)

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