Thursday, April 28, 2011

anatomy 14 - modern heads

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the final chapter of 'stroboscopic artefacts anatomized' comes from modern heads, who have been weaving deep, dark strands of techno for five years via labels like elettronica romana, dozzy records and prologue as well as on SA, including one of my favorite tracks from last year. up until recently, modern heads was a collaboration between two italian producers, dino sabatini and gianluca meloni. now, with gianluca still living in italy and focusing on his new notfromearth concept, modern heads is primarily dino's project, based in berlin. tracks and sketches from both producers feature in this anatomy mix, which builds to a curiously blissful 'peak' before the set recedes back into darkness.

Aria # 1 – Dino Sabatini
Sense of Latent Power – Jana Winderen
A1 – Nuel
The Origin Soundscape – Notfromearth
Untitled – Gianluca Meloni
Nocturnal – Dino Sabatini & Donato Dozzy
Telectro – Philus
Plastic star – Byetone
Confusion 2 – Leo Anibaldi
Step 2 – Dino Sabatini
Gliding hipnotic vers. – Modern Heads
Untitled – Modern Heads
First Contact – Robert Henke
Cantazzo – Jeff Mills
Slow Ice, Old Moon – Brian Eno
Introspective Intelligence – Rossella
Das Zahnrad – Claudio PRC & Svart1

anatomy blog-credits

as we bring this 'SA anatomized' project to a close, i just wanted to say thank you to lucy and the entire stroboscopic artefacts crew for joining in the fun here, and i hope everyone is enjoying the sounds that xhin, perc, dadub and modern heads have shared with us. the anatomy series is going to go on vacation for a bit to give everyone time to digest these mixes... so please, enjoy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

anatomy 13 - dadub

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finally! the third chapter of our 'stroboscopic artefacts anatomized' series comes from one of the more dub-oriented artists on the SA roster, dadub, who also handle the label's mastering. the italian duo (now living in berlin) has only been active for a few years, with tracks on SA as well as on the aquietbump netlabel (including this recent free EP). lucky curators of anatomy 13, dadub grinds together broken beats from the SA label with new and old tracks from across the dubstep spectrum.

Øe - February_Seek - Unreleased (Farmacia 901)
Alva Noto - T3 (For Dieter Rams) - Line
Arrogalla - [)[)[)[)[)[)[)[)[) (Dadub Remix) - Mime
Plaster - Program Q_nex - Kvitnu
Sepalcure - No Think - Hotflush Records
Lucy - Lav - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Shed - Atmo-Action - Ostgut Ton
Shed - 44A (Hardwax Forever!) - Ostgut Ton
Lucy - Bein - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Pangaea - Inna Daze - Hessle Audio
Aoki Takamasa - Rn5-09 - Raster Noton
Burial - Street Halo - Hyper Dub
Instra:mental - Thomp - Nonplus Records
Shed - My R-Class - Ostgut Ton
Xhin - Arrival (Lucy Twofold Remix) - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Donor - Remainder - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Plaster - M2d - Brainstormlab
Pfirter - Supraventricolar - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Frank Martiniq - Dark Star - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Øe - Sad_Jitter - Unreleased (Farmacia 901)
Øe feat. Inner8 - Waste Land (Version) - Unreleased (Farmacia 901)
Lucy - Mas - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Shackleton - Deadman (The Bug Crackle Remix) - Honest Jon's
Shackleton - Deadman - Honest Jon's
Ramadanman - I Beg You - Hessle Audio
Elemental & 3d - Attack - Runtime Recordings

... and one final bit of news: congratulations to lucy and dadub, who are set to provide an SA showcase at barcelona's acclaimed sonar festival this summer!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

fresh mixes

we're taking a break from our regularly scheduled programing - the 'SA anatomized' project - to talk about a few other mixes making their way around the internet. dadub's anatomy mix is coming soon but for now, check these out:

yuka - heart of darkness [nu podcast 027] moscow-based artist yuka serves up a deliciously dark brew of slow-burning techno. no tracklist, but check out the accompanying text on soundcloud, where yuka offers a bit of insight into her approach to music.

forward strategy group - CLR podcast 111 yes! anatomy mixers smear and patrick walker join forces as FSG for an excellent set of twisted, relentless techno for chris liebing's mix series. it's basically a live set, with tons of unreleased stuff from the corporate family. check that first link for a direct mp3 download, and head to mixes db for the full tracklisting.

jan kruger - CB 076 i've been paying attention to jan kruger for some time now. he barely ever produces music (check out his slim discogs page) but as a dj he has very good tastes, as seen in this set for clubberia. the theme here is house music pitched quite sensually around 120bpm, so be patient: the tracks are given time to stretch out and breathe as the mix digs into a deep groove, culminating in an excellent blend between basic channel's 'quadrant dub' and luomo's 'class' and ultimately leading to an emotional finish.

irakli - night will fly you there i met irakli in barcelona in june of 2009 during sonar week. we managed to stay in contact and it turns out he's also a vinyl addict, as well as being quite the intriguing visual artist (he created the image at the top of this blog post). check out the tracklisting: tons of abstract techno gems. for more info on irakli, check out his homepage design provocation.

hubble - mixture 2 last but not least, a set of sounds from a promising new mix series at the brussels-based mixture blog. born in italy but now living in berlin, hubble takes a pleasantly abstract approach to both his productions and his studio mixes. for nearly 100 minutes here, he plunges into a steady, driving groove, forming long, hypnotic loops into an organic whole. for dancefloors or headphones... very nice.

okay, that's all for now... but if you need a stroboscopic fix right away, you're in luck, with lucy in the mix for RA255! otherwise, stay tuned: lucky anatomy 13 will go live very soon....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

anatomy 12 - perc

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the second chapter of 'stroboscopic artefacts anatomized' comes from perc. the UK producer has spent the last decade blending techno and industrial sounds while also operating his own perc trax imprint; his contributions to stroboscopic artefacts include a vinyl collaboration with the modern heads, as well as a monad EP. his anatomy mix is dense collection of rhythms and atmospheres, both (very) old and (very) new.

1) Vagon Brei - The Dark Corridors - Further
2) Cabaret Voltaire - If The Shadows Could March - Rough Trade
3) Emika - Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Vocal Edit) - Ninja Tune
4) Francesco Tristano - (Tantra Development by Moritz Von Oswald) - Deutsch Gramophon
5) Emika - Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Ninja Tune
6) Ed Davenport - More Red Lights (Dub) - NRK
7) Rumenige & Loktibrada - Kulenty (Sandwell Mix) - Antidandruff
8) Sigha - The Politics Of Dying - Our Circular Sound
9) Perc - Wooden Art (Modern Heads Jumplex Remix) - Stroboscopic Artefacts
10) Kassem Mosse - Workshop 12 A1 (Vocal Tool) - Workshop
11) Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy - Elekra - Time To Express
12) Frozen Border - FB07 A1 - Frozen Border
13) Mike Dehnert - Teilfolge - Delsin
14) D'Marc Cantu - No Control - Creme Organization
15) Sawf - Unrhythm (Marcel Fengler Remix) - Perc Trax
16) Exaltics - Creep Over - Bunker
17) Perc - Porter - Blank Records
18) DJ Koze - Don't Feed The Cat - Kompakt
19) Forward Strategy Group - Tayo Olowu - Perc Trax
20) Endless - 00165 - Electric Deluxe
21) Perc - Tokyo Blank - Blank Records
22) Karl O'Connor & Peter Sutton - Guiltless - Tresor
23) Casual Violence - Maybe We Are - Aftertaste Recordings
24) Abstract Souls - Subway (Claudio PRC Perspective Remix) - Stroboscopic Artefacts
25) Anodyne - Talon - Earwiggle
26) Cabaret Voltaire - Partially Submerged - Rough Trade

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

anatomy 11 - xhin

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based out of singapore, xhin is responsible for producing the second record on the then-fledgling SA imprint at the end of 2009, and has contributed an EP to the label's monad series, among a handful of sharply cerebral techno cuts he has in his production catalog. he occasionally curates diverse sets of music away from the 4/4 spectrum, which is what he has provided here; so please enjoy this mix of intriguingly subdued sounds as we begin the first chapter of 'stroboscopic artefacts anatomized'.

01. Nurse With Wound - Disposition Two
02. Omega Code - Warmth (Bleed)
03. Phillip Glass - Vanessa and the Changlings
04. Steve Reich - Sextet: 5th Movement
05. Coil - Original Chaostrophy
06. Nurse With Wound - Echo Poeme: Sequence No. 2
07. Black to Comm - Hotel Freund
08. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bachata
09. Lisa Gerrard - Space Weaver
10. Shigeto - Embrace The Cold

Sunday, April 3, 2011

stroboscopic artefacts anatomized

happy april! and with the new month comes a new experiment here on smilecoldanatomy...

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if you haven't been paying attention, stroboscopic artefacts was born in late 2009, and has since carved out a reputation for dark, dubby, abstract electronic music under the guidance of lucy, the label's founder who recently released his debut full-length album (and the first SA album) wordplay for working bees. i had contacted lucy last year about contributing to the mix series here but for now he's just helping to coordinate things. ultimately we arrived at the idea of stroboscopic artefacts anatomized, a 4-mix, 4-week showcase of some of the label's artists: xhin, perc, dadub, and modern heads.

for more information about the label, check out the SA homepage. we've all agreed to keep the words to a minimum here. for each mix, i'll provide the artwork (courtesy of SA visual artists oblivious artefacts) and tracklist if possible, an player and download link, and maybe a sentence or two about each artist. otherwise, we shall let the art speak for itself.

thanks in advance to lucy and his SA crew. the fun starts this week! stay tuned...