Wednesday, April 20, 2011

fresh mixes

we're taking a break from our regularly scheduled programing - the 'SA anatomized' project - to talk about a few other mixes making their way around the internet. dadub's anatomy mix is coming soon but for now, check these out:

yuka - heart of darkness [nu podcast 027] moscow-based artist yuka serves up a deliciously dark brew of slow-burning techno. no tracklist, but check out the accompanying text on soundcloud, where yuka offers a bit of insight into her approach to music.

forward strategy group - CLR podcast 111 yes! anatomy mixers smear and patrick walker join forces as FSG for an excellent set of twisted, relentless techno for chris liebing's mix series. it's basically a live set, with tons of unreleased stuff from the corporate family. check that first link for a direct mp3 download, and head to mixes db for the full tracklisting.

jan kruger - CB 076 i've been paying attention to jan kruger for some time now. he barely ever produces music (check out his slim discogs page) but as a dj he has very good tastes, as seen in this set for clubberia. the theme here is house music pitched quite sensually around 120bpm, so be patient: the tracks are given time to stretch out and breathe as the mix digs into a deep groove, culminating in an excellent blend between basic channel's 'quadrant dub' and luomo's 'class' and ultimately leading to an emotional finish.

irakli - night will fly you there i met irakli in barcelona in june of 2009 during sonar week. we managed to stay in contact and it turns out he's also a vinyl addict, as well as being quite the intriguing visual artist (he created the image at the top of this blog post). check out the tracklisting: tons of abstract techno gems. for more info on irakli, check out his homepage design provocation.

hubble - mixture 2 last but not least, a set of sounds from a promising new mix series at the brussels-based mixture blog. born in italy but now living in berlin, hubble takes a pleasantly abstract approach to both his productions and his studio mixes. for nearly 100 minutes here, he plunges into a steady, driving groove, forming long, hypnotic loops into an organic whole. for dancefloors or headphones... very nice.

okay, that's all for now... but if you need a stroboscopic fix right away, you're in luck, with lucy in the mix for RA255! otherwise, stay tuned: lucky anatomy 13 will go live very soon....

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