Sunday, April 3, 2011

stroboscopic artefacts anatomized

happy april! and with the new month comes a new experiment here on smilecoldanatomy...

(click on image to enhance)

if you haven't been paying attention, stroboscopic artefacts was born in late 2009, and has since carved out a reputation for dark, dubby, abstract electronic music under the guidance of lucy, the label's founder who recently released his debut full-length album (and the first SA album) wordplay for working bees. i had contacted lucy last year about contributing to the mix series here but for now he's just helping to coordinate things. ultimately we arrived at the idea of stroboscopic artefacts anatomized, a 4-mix, 4-week showcase of some of the label's artists: xhin, perc, dadub, and modern heads.

for more information about the label, check out the SA homepage. we've all agreed to keep the words to a minimum here. for each mix, i'll provide the artwork (courtesy of SA visual artists oblivious artefacts) and tracklist if possible, an player and download link, and maybe a sentence or two about each artist. otherwise, we shall let the art speak for itself.

thanks in advance to lucy and his SA crew. the fun starts this week! stay tuned...

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