Wednesday, July 24, 2013

watch: murcof and edgar amor

although not new, this is certainly worth 25 minutes of your time. it's the duo of murcof and edgar amor, performing last year at the detours de babel festival in grenoble, france. (found via murcof's facebook page.) no more words... dive in:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

rest in peace, DAVE TWOMEY

terrible, terrible news: dave twomey has passed away. dave had been battling colorectal cancer, but succumbed to the illness earlier this week at the age of 33.

i never met dave in person, but we had kept in occasional contact ever since he turned in a set for the anatomy series here back in 2011. at the time, dave (aka tr nch) expressed his desire to start a label based off his mariana event series in tokyo, where he had helped host artists like cio d'or, peter van hoesen, mike parker and abdulla rashim. just a few months ago, he launched that label, mariana wax. it was a pleasure, now bittersweet, to be able to give the label's inspiring first release a review over at RA.

from our exchanges, and from the blog he had maintained, and from the worldwide display of love during (and now after) his battle - i could easily see dave had a good spirit, and was a hard fighter in the face of tremendously difficult circumstances. my thoughts are with his family and friends. rest easy now, dave.

Monday, July 15, 2013

monday moods: hear a new ambient set from SURGEON

good timing! surgeon earlier today uploaded a two-hour set of ambient sounds he performed at the UK festival freerotation just a few days ago. "colourful, uplifting psychedelia" is the theme, according to the man himself, making it a perfect fit for a monday afternoon. click through to surgeon's action-packed soundcloud page for the tracklist, and to read more about the set and setting.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

new EP from DONATO DOZZY for records!

splendid news: a new EP from donato dozzy has just been released! it comes courtesy of the label arm of, which hosted the hypnotic techno maestro as part of its 200th podcast celebration earlier this year. dozzy worked together material from 55 tracks in a little over an hour with that very cool set, which is certainly worth your time - check it here if you haven't yet. (and be sure to read the included essay!)

the new release, aptly titled 200 Ep, is made up of three tracks, each of which seems to be extracted from that podcast, and each of which is itself made up of loops and samples taken from other roman artists' productions. check the description and *stream the whole thing* below, and head to the records bandcamp page and facebook page for more details and updates on how to get the vinyl.
Donato Dozzy goes Africa! Taken from his recent exclusive podcast dedicated to the city of Roma, 200 Ep is the materialization of Donato's dream. Three exceptional tracks for a sound ranging from a hi-tech afro-rythms to futuristic hyper-hypnotic techno assault.

Monday, July 1, 2013

monday moods: GAS

i have returned - and with a long-overdue new computer, hooray - so i'll try to post up more regularly here. let's start off the week with some easy moods from wolfgang voigt's fantastic GAS project. i've picked three subdued, lighter-hearted tracks, each from a different LP: zauberberg, königsfort, and pop. (it's unsurprisingly a bit harder to find stuff on youtube from the self-titled album.) enjoy!