Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy birthday, happy 5000, thank you!

my, how the time has passed! two years ago - late september, 2009 - i launched this humble blog with the goal of sharing my (mostly musical) obsessions. around that same time i jumped into the world of dj'ing when my awesome friends elly and andrew lent me their old pair of technics 1200's...

since then, i've tried to push a specific sound through my own approach to dj'ing, and (primarily) through the anatomy series of mixes. so far, some of my favorite artists - 14 so far, from around the world - have graciously shared their sounds and their words with me and with anyone who's taken the chance with what i (we!) have tried to do here. and since i fired up my own page last year to store those mixes, that page has now accumulated 5000 downloads, and even more listens.

and aside from the honor of hosting some of those fine sounds, i've also been able to do some awesome things around chicago: take over the decks at the coolest spot in my neighborhood, play on WLUW and WNUR radio, and then make my debut at the best techno club in the city, smartbar.

so, i offer my sincerest thanks to some top-notch chicago people - elly, andrew (yeah, both of you!), josh, lisa, nate, and many many others - for helping to push me along, as well as andrea, claudio, juho and every other artist who has decided to join in the anatomy fun here. and i offer up just as much gratitude to everyone out there who has read, listened, and otherwise interacted with whatever it is i am doing here. kudos to all of you!

on a related note, i'll be playing at the morseland tonight with andrew solomon and lokua. as usual: good music, free music, check here for some more details. see you soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

qbot and patty take over wnur!

in need of some anatomy action on your radio? the techno melodrama will play out later this week, in just over 24 hours - wednesday late evening, thursday early morning - at WNUR radio in chicago! fellow chicago techno fiend qbot will be hosting me on the freeform segment in the very early hours of thursday morning.

you can listen at 89.3 FM if you are in the chicago area, or online at - here's a download link for the .pls file to stream. find more info and start times according to major time zone at the facebook event page here. this is my third time on the program; as with prior engagements, i'll be pushing my techno onto the airwaves for a few hours at the start of the program before qbot does her thing to finish off the morning. tune in if you can!