Thursday, July 18, 2013

rest in peace, DAVE TWOMEY

terrible, terrible news: dave twomey has passed away. dave had been battling colorectal cancer, but succumbed to the illness earlier this week at the age of 33.

i never met dave in person, but we had kept in occasional contact ever since he turned in a set for the anatomy series here back in 2011. at the time, dave (aka tr nch) expressed his desire to start a label based off his mariana event series in tokyo, where he had helped host artists like cio d'or, peter van hoesen, mike parker and abdulla rashim. just a few months ago, he launched that label, mariana wax. it was a pleasure, now bittersweet, to be able to give the label's inspiring first release a review over at RA.

from our exchanges, and from the blog he had maintained, and from the worldwide display of love during (and now after) his battle - i could easily see dave had a good spirit, and was a hard fighter in the face of tremendously difficult circumstances. my thoughts are with his family and friends. rest easy now, dave.

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