Thursday, April 28, 2011

anatomy 14 - modern heads

anatomy blog_14
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the final chapter of 'stroboscopic artefacts anatomized' comes from modern heads, who have been weaving deep, dark strands of techno for five years via labels like elettronica romana, dozzy records and prologue as well as on SA, including one of my favorite tracks from last year. up until recently, modern heads was a collaboration between two italian producers, dino sabatini and gianluca meloni. now, with gianluca still living in italy and focusing on his new notfromearth concept, modern heads is primarily dino's project, based in berlin. tracks and sketches from both producers feature in this anatomy mix, which builds to a curiously blissful 'peak' before the set recedes back into darkness.

Aria # 1 – Dino Sabatini
Sense of Latent Power – Jana Winderen
A1 – Nuel
The Origin Soundscape – Notfromearth
Untitled – Gianluca Meloni
Nocturnal – Dino Sabatini & Donato Dozzy
Telectro – Philus
Plastic star – Byetone
Confusion 2 – Leo Anibaldi
Step 2 – Dino Sabatini
Gliding hipnotic vers. – Modern Heads
Untitled – Modern Heads
First Contact – Robert Henke
Cantazzo – Jeff Mills
Slow Ice, Old Moon – Brian Eno
Introspective Intelligence – Rossella
Das Zahnrad – Claudio PRC & Svart1

anatomy blog-credits

as we bring this 'SA anatomized' project to a close, i just wanted to say thank you to lucy and the entire stroboscopic artefacts crew for joining in the fun here, and i hope everyone is enjoying the sounds that xhin, perc, dadub and modern heads have shared with us. the anatomy series is going to go on vacation for a bit to give everyone time to digest these mixes... so please, enjoy!


  1. What a nice selection of mixes so far!

    also, being italian, it is a pleasure to see that some of our talents are finally starting to receive the recognition they deserve abroad...shame that they dont really get the chance to play here in italy..

  2. TW