Thursday, March 31, 2011

end: march, begin: april

i hope everyone has been enjoying tom bonaty's mix! something very big is coming up as we launch into the month of april... but until then, here's some stuff that brings pleasure to smilecoldanatomy's ears and eyes:

TIN MAN is LOST IN LA new track by tin man? new, free, 320mp3, 10-minute-long track by tin man? yes! xlr8r is hosting a free download of 'lost in LA', a wondrous piano jam fleshed out with acoustic percussion and handclaps, brewed quite nicely with a dreamy vocal narrative and discreet acid lines. the track is from tin man's newest album perfume, which as RA has reported should be released (in 2xLP) at some point very soon... and look! tin man has just contributed a mix to the little white earbuds series, do it to it!

JUNO PLUS TALKS DARK TECHNO, TALKS WITH JAMES RUSKIN always nice to see another perspective on the more abstract strands of techno that have gotten attention lately (especially on this blog) - richard brophy considers lucy's new album and the recent ostgut ton compilation and their use of field recordings while discussing techno experimentation. also on juno plus, blueprint boss james ruskin talks about his many collaborations, including his ongoing O/V/R project with regis.

ROBERT HENKE DISCUSSES ABLETON, GEAR, SURROUND SOUND the mind behind monolake chats with the passionweiss magazine about his role in the development of the venerable ableton music production software, as well as his self-designed monodeck controller hardware. he also talks about how he does live surround sound... speaking of which, monolake will be playing a live surround set along with detroit's echospace duo at smartbar saturday april 23! it's part of the avant_mutek weekend in chicago... check out the story on RA.

ACONITO 006LTD last but most definitely not least, a new collaborative release on aconito records, the achromorphe, is scheduled for release next week. nax_acid and his brother ink on one side, obtane and claudio prc together on the flip... watch the preview video here on youtube, and click on that picture if you want to see the hand-writing on each sleeve. 250 copies, vinyl only, highly mechanized, coming this monday, april 4! more info here at the aconito blog.

that's all for now. oh, i've also started the anatomy twitter, under the name patty anatomy, for those looking for more techno-related social media. and stay tuned! more exciting news (the least exciting of which is my april chart) will be coming very soon.

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  1. thanks for the aconito tip! and waiting for that special thing.. #1 blog right now for me;)