Monday, March 14, 2011

alan backdrop - anecumene [anatomy 09]

i'm very, very happy to celebrate the one-year anniversary of this blog's mix series by introducing the ninth anatomy... anecumene: three hours of deep techno travel from italy's alan backdrop!

anatomy 09 alan backdrop
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in a rare twist of roles for this blog, it was alan backdrop - casually known as alessio - who found me first. fortunately, it turns out that alessio is a very nice guy, and a great selector: he's got what sounds like quite an enviable vinyl collection along with the ability to put records together and create intriguing adventures... so i posed to him the challenge to construct a long, deeeeep mix to share on smilecoldanatomy, and i certainly think he succeeded with this set. let's let alessio introduce himself:

It's a great pleasure for me to take part in this gorgeous forum about electronic music.

I was born and I'm living in Veneto in the north Italy, a region with a massive presence of water: rivers, small streams, the sea and the lagoon. Fortunately there are many places where you still can listen to the sweet song of nature, where you can take a time to pause and ponder, marveling at the magic in which we are immersed and we are part.

On the contrary it is sufficient to move just a few kilometers to find large industrial areas where the pace is hectic and the noise is deafening, the fumes make gray atmosphere and tarnished mind. It's full of old rusted and decayed plants painted by the time, divided by narrow streets with asphalt that looks almost white and by rails where the freight trains move slowly. They seem to belong to another time.

These contradictory aspects have always fascinated me. The life that is present in every element of nature and the absence of life that we find in all that man builds. I especially love to see places where there is the presence of both elements, where the nature takes over on the abandoned buildings and feel like they are slowly enveloped and swallowed up by life.

All this is total inspiration for me!

I am also very inspired by the space, by the extraterrestrial and by the mystery that hides it.
Naively, I often imagine that there are other planets with a nature similar to ours (especially big and strange forests), but that it could appear dark and menacing to us.

My selection of electronic music is dictated by these factors. My research is focused on songs that make me mentally travel and that make me imagine to the natural elements, terrestrial or not.

In this mix I tried to bring my imagination to the reality. An atmospheric journey that starts slowly with ambient/drone music and fades into a frantic techno gear. It evolves constantly, scoring several moments of wonder, suspense, fear, peace, frenzy and mystery. I hope that listeners can feel strong emotions, equal or different from mine.

I warmly thank all the artists who composed the music contained here for giving me the opportunity to travel and to express myself through it. And a BIG thank you to Brian for giving me this space and the opportunity to share my work with other enthusiasts.


alan backdrop - anecumene [anatomy 09] (download via dropbox)

no tracklist, but we can tell you that aside from a few ambient tracks (sadly never pressed to vinyl), alessio made this mix almost entirely from vinyl records... at three hours, and in mp3@256, this mix weighs in at 340mb [edit: this means it's too big for the new player], but those who are patient should find that it is definitely worth the download.

to learn more about alan backdrop, go to his homepage. and for more mixes, as well as his own ambient creations, check out his page. thanks to alessio for sharing his story about where he comes from as an artist, and big thanks to him for creating this truly excellent set of long, tripping techno. this helps commemorate a year of mixes here at smilecoldanatomy, so please... enjoy!


  1. any alternative links? sorry but it will take 6 hours to download this one...
    can't wait!
    dunno why the speed is only 15kbs..

  2. hi ber! i think is the best option for me for properly hosting these mixes, and i just downloaded in 9 minutes at 700kb/s. have you tried again, perhaps at a later time at night for you? if you are still having problems, please use the contact email in the 'about this page' section above, and contact me directly. thanks for trying!

  3. Awesome! Always been a fan of this series.
    Keep them coming!

  4. thanks for the comment, and the support evad :-)

    anatomy 10 should be up later next week. then in april, something new and a bit intimidating: i'll have a special set of mixes to share... stay tuned!

  5. It's a great section Alan!...i just listening it!


    Manuel :)

  6. thanks ALOT!
    love all of the series!

  7. This mix is excellent, quite a few tracks I am certain I know but can't think of the names!

    I think I will be keeping this on my ipod for quite a while.

    Top stuff as always Brian, cheers.

  8. I need a night drive of 185:49 minute with it. Congrats to Alessio for this whole universe and to Brian for the top notch mixes series !