Friday, June 10, 2011


chicago techno heads, take note if you haven't yet... the nyc/chicago oktave crew (yes, the same people who hosted cio d'or and traversable wormhole last weekend) will host function and peter van hoesen as as they make their chicago debuts tomorrow at smartbar!

both of these berlin-based artists should be at least vaguely familiar to anyone who follows this blog (i hope!) - function (also known as dave sumner, originally from new york) is a long-time techno veteran and one of the minds behind sandwell district. he has a penchant for a type of techno that could maybe best be described as 'angular' but other keywords could be deep, dark, droning... he's helped to curate a series of 'variances' on sandwell, including this edit from regis:

and check out his remix for traversable wormhole on CLR:

peter van hoesen, a native of belgium, pushes a similarly hard and raw sound, with his own music and though his time to express imprint which has featured tracks from donato dozzy, cio d'or and samuli kemppi among others. here's one of my favorite productions of his, 'continued care':

and here's the slow-motion intro to last year's acclaimed entropic city LP:

oktave resident and perc trax artist jeff derringer will open the night with some deep cuts, so there's no reason not to camp out for 7 hours within the friendly funktion 1 confines of smartbar tomorrow. on top of that, word is that function's live+dj setup includes a 909, and initial reviews from his set last weekend in montreal during mutek have been quite positive. should be a good one... see you there!

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