Friday, June 3, 2011

going to new york city!

that's right, yours truly is heading east to pop his nyc cherry this weekend! i leave in 12 hours, and return tuesday...

a big reason i'm going, besides hanging out with my detroit techno friend sibin, is to go to the oktave party tomorrow night with cio d'or, traversable wormhole and jeff derringer. even with a technical difficulties, cio played a gorgeously deep set of techno in detroit last weekend, and traversable wormhole (an nyc native) was impressive as well so i'm excited to see what both artists do for this party. jeff will start and finish things... can't wait to try out the nyc techno scene!

then sunday i think i'll try out this mister sunday party with space dimension controller. a $12 outdoor afternoon party: sounds like a good time.

come say hi, i'm hoping this will be the first of many new york adventures!

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