Friday, April 12, 2013

mike parker prepares LUSTRATIONS for prologue

more intriguing news!

abstract-techno maestro mike parker will return to the munich label prologue to release lustrations, his second full-length album. it comes almost a dozen years since dispatches, mike's first album issued via his own longtime label, geophone. while that one focused on previously-released vinyl tracks, lustrations will be made up entirely of unreleased material, each with the usual, very compelling track titles. prologue promises "12 hypnotic driven tracks designed to be timeless, produced to be played in techno temples" - and it will come out, in early june, on triple vinyl. hell yeah!

01 - Lustration One (Khonsu)
02 - Lustration Two (Nor'easter)
03 - Lustration Tree (Atlantic)
04 - Lustration Four (DaiKaiju)
05 - Lustration Five (息)
06 - Lustration Six (Megalith)
07 - Lustration Seven (Forms)
08 - Lustration Eight (Contours)
09 - Lustration Nine (Drums)
10 - Lustration Ten (Pressure Zone)
11 - Lustration Eleven (Sarychev)
12 - Lustration Twelve (Dericho)

chicago techno fiends, ALERT: mike will be making his windy city debut on saturday, may 4th at primary, headlining a don't trust humans party called only for robots. jeff derringer from oktave, who just made his berghain debut in berlin, and komprezzor will offer up local support, along with... yours truly! check the flyer at right and hit up the facebook event to learn more. it should be a fantastic night of weird, hard-hitting jams, so come early and stay late-late-late!

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