Thursday, April 11, 2013

abdulla rashim launches new label, NORTHERN ELECTRONICS

intriguing news!

since mid-2011, abdulla rashim has been sharing his hypnotic brand of techno primarily by way of his own self-titled imprint - i recently reviewed his very nice semien terara EP at RA - and now the shadowy swede is starting another label. northern electronics will be home to contributions from his friends as well as abdulla rashim himself. tuned-in fans should be happy to know that the new label is aiming for a somewhat brisk pace of around five releases a year. first up is the misantropen LP from another mysterious artist named varg. made up of eight "machine experiments", each created live in one take, and mastered by neel, that one is due out on vinyl and limited cassette later this month. acid lovers, pay attention. you can get a taste of misantropen below.

keep track of the soundcloud pages for northern electronics and varg, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to follow abdulla rashim of course, and join me in looking forward to more intriguing outsider electronics from the new label!

... and if you haven't checked it yet, you must listen to abdulla rashim's excellent anatomy mix...

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