Monday, April 22, 2013

anatomy 24 - percyl

finally, the next anatomy mix... from percyl!

percyl - anatomy 24

percyl is clement and baudouin, a french dj/production duo with a soft spot for toughened-up, no-bullshit techno. they recently put out their first vinyl release, the exopia EP, on pushmaster discs, and they'll appear on krill music's upcoming habitat 2xLP compilation. as DJs, they've been billed alongside a wealth of international artists - and some of my own favorites - like milton bradley, marcel dettmann and samuli kemppi. though they mostly play around paris, last summer they made their debut at the mighty berlin club tresor.

after coming across some of their sets last year, i knew percyl would be a good fit for this blog's mix series. measuring exactly one hour long and featuring some of their own stuff, anatomy 24 covers plenty of ground, but always moves briskly, relentlessly forward. proper stuff, methinks. the guys want to keep it pretty simple - no tracklist, no interview - but they did have this to say:
This set represents our passion for vinyl and techno music. We always seek to express new atmospheres in each set.
Peace from France,
Clement & Baudouin
dropbox download link

percyl have some very cool gigs scheduled for the coming weeks. in paris, they'll play with, of berlin's dystopian crew, before handling the local support at a sonic groove label night with adam x, dasha rush and northern structures. in bordeaux later in may, they're booked with stroboscopic artefacts boss lucy... nice stuff all around! for all info and necessary details, follow percyl on facebook, soundcloud and RA.

thanks to clement and baudouin for joining the fun here at smilecoldanatomy. hold on tight, everyone, and enjoy the mix!

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  1. Half way through this mix, BLOODY EXCELLENT!! And that is even with just one fully working speaker haha, as always, thanks!