Thursday, May 2, 2013

new patty mix for DON'T TRUST HUMANS

hooray! i've finally cooked up a new mix. this all-vinyl jam is for my fellow chicago techno hooligans, don't trust humans. you can check it out below; click through for a tracklist.

thanks to DTH for hosting me. you can learn more about them by checking out their website. aside from the only for robots podcast, the collective also functions as a netlabel (releasing music from hal floyd, lokua, debbie and komprezzor) and, of course, as a party-throwing crew. they'll be hosting me, along with komprezzor, jeff derringer and the one and only mike parker at primary here in chicago this saturday. i'll be closing, so prepare for a long night. check the flyer at right and click here for more details... see you there!

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