Friday, May 24, 2013

friday funk: BOARDS OF CANADA (new track!)

yeah! hopefully you've heard the news: fuzzy electronics duo boards of canada are returning with a new album, tomorrow's harvest, due out june 10th on warp records. i wasn't too impressed with the rambling promotional campaign that preceded the actual album announcement, but now we've got something a bit more tangible to chew on. first single "reach for the dead" was posted on youtube yesterday - give it a try:

tomorrow's harvest will be the duo's first album in eight years - and suddenly it's one of the 2013's most anticipated albums, for me at least. if you need a refresher or an introduction, i heartily recommend previous long players music has the right to children (1998) and geogaddi (2002), my personal favorites. though the wax is expensive and/or hard to come by these days, youtube is chock-full of their songs. i'll point you to just one personal favorite, "rue the whirl".

pre-order options for the new album are listed on the boards of canada homepage. for stateside vinyl buyers, it looks like is the cheapest option for the 2xLP at the moment. you can click the "local" button for physical store options as well. try not to get too giddy, and check the tracklist and cover art below. hail satan!

01. Gemini
02. Reach For The Dead
03. White Cyclosa
04. Jacquard Causeway
05. Telepath
06. Cold Earth
07. Transmisiones Ferox
08. Sick Times
09. Collapse
10. Palace Posy
11. Split Your Infinities
12. Uritual
13. Nothing Is Real
14. Sundown
15. New Seeds
16. Come To Dust
17. Semena Mertvykh

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