Wednesday, May 29, 2013

hear a new track from juan atkins and moritz von oswald's BORDERLAND collaboration

juan atkins and moritz von oswald are teaming up to produce a new album called borderland. both many-aliased artists should be household names for techno heads, but a quick refresher, just in case: atkins is one of detroit's most iconic producers, while berlin's von oswald is probably best known for the pioneering dub/techno soundscapes crafted alongside mark ernestus as basic channel and rhythm & sound, and alone under the name maurizio. (pardon my bias towards von oswald: the BCD compilation and a bunch of stuff on the BC sublabel chain reaction played a huge role in my initial forays into the world of electronic music.)

borderland is due out on tresor on june 10th, but before then you can take a wander through "mars garden," the first track publicly shared by the label. sounds very nicely spaced out, and the rest of the track titles seem interesting enough... looking forward to hearing the whole thing!

01. Electric Garden (Deep Jazz In The Garden Mix)
02. Electric Dub
03. Footprints
04. Electric Garden (Original Mix)
05. Treehouse
06. Mars Garden
07. Digital Forest
08. Afterlude

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