Friday, April 19, 2013

updates: robert henke, cio d'or

recently i had the pleasure of chatting with two of my favorite artists: robert henke and cio d'or. over at RA, i wrote this piece and that piece on their upcoming performances in the US, and had the chance to go on record with them for a little Q&A. both revealed some intriguing bits of information...

robert henke happily chatted about his shows, his class at stanford university, and of course, monolake. but he also had this to say:
Right after I come back from Stanford I am going to throw all my energy on a new project. It's an audiovisual project with a strong focus on beats, and it will have its premiere at Unsound festival in Krakow in October. But it will not be a Monolake set. ... If the new project works out the way I hope it does, I am going to tour a lot with it and I will not do Monolake shows any more ... If the preparations go well, there will be a teaser for it out in September.
cio d'or, charming as always, talked a little about her own pursuits:
... I immersed myself in musical theory and piano music, playing small infinite-sounding piano loops. Employing the use of orchestral instruments enabled me to expand my musical repertoire—also for film soundtracks and theatre pieces. This has resulted in my first cinematic theatre composition, which I have recently completed, and will be premiered this September in Salzburg.
exciting things on the horizon for both artists, it seems. while you join me in looking forward to whatever new music might come from them later in the year, have a look at their upcoming schedules (robert henke's homepage and cio d'or's homepage). if you're in the US - especially on the western side of the country - you might be able to see robert and cio perform in the coming weeks.

in fact, robert will be doing a dust show at northwestern university up in evanston on saturday, may 4th. that is the same night as the only for robots party i'll be playing at primary, headlined by mike parker. i'm not sure about the timing for dust, but daring heads might be able to catch both events that night...

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