Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NYC adventure #2

hello! i'm back... and i'm off on another adventure to new york city this weekend:

the centerpiece of my visit is gonna be that party on friday, with eight hours of donato dozzy and nuel (and an otherwise stacked lineup).

next up on saturday - if my legs are still working - is oktave's second birthday party at national underground with edit-select. read up on the news here. happy birthday, oktave!

sunday has an all-day bash with kate simko and delano smith.

and finally, to end the long weekend, a deep space night with francois k and dozzy. i've heard strange things about the venue but i'm down for new things...

who knows if i can make it to everything but meanwhile, i promise i'll finally be able to reveal anatomy 15 in the next few days. it's a weird one, so hold on to your butts. see you on the other side!

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