Monday, October 17, 2011

monday moods: mathew jonson

tonight i suddenly got in a mathew jonson mood. if you don't know, you should: mathew jonson is from vancouver, canada and has been making some of the best 'minimal techno' in the world for about ten years. his tracks have dropped on labels like itiswhatitis, wagon repair (which he helps run) and probably most notably minus. using just a few percussive elements and an endlessly-looped melody or two, his tracks just keep going and going and going...

he plays an intense live set as well, according to my one experience seeing him jam out barely a dozen tracks over the course of three hours... enough jibber-jabber. a bunch of his music is on youtube, so i've selected a few of my own personal favorites. five tracks, 50 minutes:

'freedom engine' a nice relaxed jam to start off this survey. the other side of the vinyl is 'she is he,' also an excellent track that's sadly not on youtube. easily one of my all-time favorite records...

'marionette' classic - maybe his most well-known track. i'm pretty sure when i saw him play live, he let this one go for about twenty minutes.

'love letter to the enemy' this one is all about rapid-fire synth stabs and those deliciously blissed-out chords...

'symphony for the apocalypse' dark and dripping with psychedelia. incorrectly named on youtube - oh well.

'ball of light' i conclude with this, a particularly bright and shiny vision of the future.

there's plenty more of mathew jonson's material on youtube to check out. if you don't know, or even of you do know, do it to it!

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