Friday, August 19, 2011

friday funk

the air & water show will fill the skies over chicago this weekend, but come fly with me at these events:

TOMORROW: JOHN HUGHES AT NOON the hefty records boss will play a live set at noon - for FREE - at the pritzker pavilion downtown, together with a drummer and a vibraphone player. check out this youtube video, which hopefully gives us an idea of what to expect. the music will only last a little over an hour, so be sure to arrive on time!

TOMORROW NIGHT: TAMA SUMO & MARCEL DETTMANN AT SMARTBAR a lethal one-two punch of berlin beats: tama sumo should keep it more on the house-y side, and if dettmann's set last year at smartbar is any indicator, he should be bringing a pile of intense techno back to town. get pumped up with this recent mix from tama sumo, and this set for CLR from dettmann (direct download). gramaphone DJ tyrel williams does opening duties - i'm very excited for a no-computer no-nonsense night of techno and house in the windy city!

and now, onto a few mixes i've been caning. a little bit of deep house; a mysterious, oddly funky live set; a warm serving of laboratory techno... read on:

kassem mosse - RA.272 i've only recently become a casual fan of gunnar wendel, aka kassem mosse - it probably started with this laid record last summer - but i had the privilege of seeing him perform live a few months ago and enjoyed his slow, smoke-filled take on house music. and that's basically what he serves up for RA: deep and loose. do it to it!

milton bradley - LWE podcast 91 one of my absolute favorite producers right now, milton bradley shares a live set with little white earbuds. while his records betray an affinity for broken beats, this recording sticks mostly to 4/4, which is fine with me. funk music for ghosts, i say.

dino sabatini - outis podcast 01 not only does our anatomy friend have a new label with its first record modulated waves out at shops, he's offered up the screams of outis - a new 'hybrid' mix blending together dino's own material. it's deep, dark, clinical and dangerously hypnotic. and to sweeten the deal, he's offered up full streaming versions of both modulations from outis 001. go dino!

okay, that's it for now. fans of the anatomy mixes, fear not: i'm arranging the next few mixes, and otherwise plotting a few appropriate sets of sounds for the fall and holiday seasons later this year. stay tuned, and have a good weekend!

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