Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tuesday tunes - mixes

hello again all and happy holidays, if that's your thing. i've been in limbo as i sort out new music, indulge in the cdj-100s i've set up next to my turntables (i should have my own fresh mix up soon), and work on other writing. some more anatomy mixes are on the way, along with my top music picks of the year, but until then here's some 'recent' mixes that have been stuck in the player. these aren't brand new and i couldn't care less. to me, each of these mixes definitely holds up under multiple listens, and as my hard drive fills up with way too many mixes, that's what's most important.

xhin - RA.286 kudos to xhin for a nice addition to resident advisor's podcast! a fairly far cry from what he collected for his anatomy mix, xhin still puts together some unlikely combinations of tracks - including a few of my absolute favorites from 2011 - to make a truly abstract techno journey. the mix is archived at RA, but have no fear, you can get the 320 mp3 at xhin's soundcloud.

nuel - smoke machine podcast 32 this one has been on repeat ... with an amazing full-length album released just a month ago (it's already sold out!), nuel gets back into techno mode on smoke machine. i love the vaguely tribal sound that he conjures with such interesting track selection, and this mix is full of emotional moments.

hubble - kana broadcast 017 i cannot hide my adoration for hubble. he's made some of the best records of the year, revealing a remarkable ability to construct long, hypnotic grooves. he uses plenty of material from deepchord/echospace in this story for the kana broadcast, and fits it together perfectly, building to a blissed-out finale. i'm happy to say that hubble will be joining the anatomy action here... stay tuned!

lars hemmerling - surf the waveform podcast 05 it might be obvious how much i'm a fan of lars' work. even if he hasn't released many tracks, he still puts together an excellent live set. raw, slow-burning and loosely industrial... if you're new to his sound, this set gets my highest recommendation.

that's it for me for now. stay tuned for more music opinions: later this week i'll get to smilecoldanatomy's top 10 of '11.

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