Friday, May 25, 2012

skirt, reviews, detroit!

in case you hadn't noticed me shouting about all this via other social media, yours truly has had a busy week over at resident advisor.

first and foremost, i'm really excited to share this "breaking through" feature piece i wrote on skirt. if it's not obvious, i'm a huge fan of skirt's music and it was a pleasure to get to talk to her and find out where she comes from (and where she's going).

then, my three most recent reviews are now up: frankly i wasn't too impressed with the error etica remixes EP, but i loved the plate EP from cassegrain, from the promising new label, modal analysis (of which anatomy mixer slydex is a part of). and then, svreca and orphx's recent efforts on vilna for semantica. both tracks are fucking gnarly - by which i mean, great record.

finally: this weekend, i'll be away on *vacation* in detroit for movement festival and related shenanigans.

there's plenty going on, both at the festival and, just as importantly, at parties around the city. check out our RA guide for a sprawling afterparty overview, or head to little white earbuds for their fine-tuned picks. you can find me at greg wilson and mike huckaby's sets at the festival saturday night, then shit show sunday (i'll be there early for dan bell and public lover), then at mathew jonson's festival set later that night, and probably no way back much later that night, old miami on monday ... who knows what else.

oh and don't worry, things have been a bit too hectic to get the next anatomy mix up in time, but i look forward to sharing it very soon. have a good weekend!


  1. Hello! As a long time lurker, I felt compelled to finally leave a comment good ser. Having heard a lot about Skirt (and checking her copious mixes, natch), it was really refreshing to know that she is a very genuine, down to earth artist. Seeing as how Horizontal Ground remains somewhat of an enigma, I like that she was so generous with her approach to doing the interview with you.

    So, thanks for this! I now have a much greater appreciation for the greatness of her compositions (both productions and mixes) based on how fantastic she is as an individual.

    Now, with that out of the way, I also just want to commend you for this blog. I really feel that s m i l e c o l d a n a t o m y is rather unheralded for some reason. I really appreciate your reviews, your interest in the cosmos, your honest love of all things techno, and, of course, the bounty of the brilliant mixes you have nurtured.

    I look forward to enjoying your blog for years to come, and reading your excellent work on RA. Also, "the velour fog". Nice! lol.

  2. hi matthew, thanks! the nice words are appreciated. if you like what i do here, feel free to share it - always good to have more people exposed to these sorts of sounds, i think. and i know i've been a tease, but be on the lookout because there will be more anatomy mixes soon... i'll try to have the next one up by monday morning. cheers.