Thursday, October 1, 2009

adultnapper - while he sleeps (2009)

there's a storm raging outside my window, and i've found a pretty good soundtrack to the light show: while he sleeps, from new york's adultnapper. i had heard that name dropped occasionally (it is an memorable alias, don't you think?), and decided to check out day party he played here earlier this summer along with butane. butane's set was light and fun as the sun started to go down, then adultnapper took over the darkened dance floor. i was treated to a set full of weird, deep tracks... in other words, stuff that i'm really diggin' right now.

while he sleeps is a set of three tracks adultnapper released in july. the ep starts with 'kind,' which skitters along twitchy beats and a repeated dub chord, before a few pieces of melody fit together to create a moody ambience. 'sebald' is the most sinister of the three, placing a curiously subtle, bouncy bass line alongside a similarly elastic melody and fleshing it out with some distorted cymbals and a soft underpinning of rapid-fire acoustic percussion. the title track ends the journey, reprising a dreamy atmosphere similar to 'kind' as well as a bass line like the middle track. i think 'while he sleeps' is the most earnestly emotional, particularly because the two female vocal samples are the only vocals on this ep: the first is a hollowed-out exclamation, and the other is a simple claim, "trying to tell me." besides these, the track's main feature is an alternating stuttered/sustained, semi-jazzy piano melody, combined with a few more weird synth tones. the track builds the tension up to a peak, before dropping all the parts back into place.

this is a killer ep; all three tracks carry the same dark, emotional vibe, but i can't really pick a favorite. this guy has some mixes floating around the internet that are also worth listening to. check his RA page for more info and links.

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