Thursday, October 29, 2009

deepchord - electromagnetic dowsing (2005, s y n t h)

electromagnetic dowsing is a pair of loooong, hypnotic, dub-techno tracks for your late night, courtesy of rod modell aka deepchord, on mike huckaby's label s y n t h.

"step 1" sounds like a jam session between some hippies with bongos and a geek with electronic noise generators... and it works: the acoustic percussion locks into a groove as the haze swirls above. "step 2" features a more jackin' 4/4 beat, and more defined chord progressions, accented by occasional decayed shards of sound that fall away from the motion of the track.

both tracks push the less-is-more approach for about 11 minutes apiece, combining a driving rhythm section with dubby atmospherics and little else. in other words, typical deepchord/echospace.

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