Wednesday, October 21, 2009

luke hess - light in the dark (2009, echocord)

check out this new long-player from detroit's luke hess. i first heard of this producer/dj earlier this summer, when i saw him dj with brian kage under the alias 'reference', after a friend recommended i listen to some of hess's stuff before that show.

i would definitely say that luke hess's work could be considered 'dub-techno.' but unlike the tendencies of chain reaction and deepchord/echospace toward very lengthy, hypnotic epics, most of hess's tracks last around six minutes and are rich in rhythm as well as melody. in my opinion, they dynamics are more song-oriented. some of the tracks also include indecipherable vocoded lyrics.

i think hess has created an intriguing album-length journey through dub and deep space. maybe not a contender for 'album of the year', but definitely a solid album.

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