Sunday, October 25, 2009

false - 2007 (2007, m-nus)

ahh, matthew dear, how i love you. under his own name, as well as the aliases jabberjaw, audion, and false, the guy has carved his niche in the electronic dance music community with hypnotic, yet frustrating experiments in minimalism. while dear has been focused on his audion project recently, i still believe this false album on the m-nus imprint, 2007, is his boldest musical statement to date.

2007 is an hour-long, continuous, mid-tempo mix of 14 tracks, gradually emerging and then receding back into a haze of sound. simplistic, clicky beats are the name of the game, with heavily effected vocals popping up occasionally throughout the journey. honestly, it's hard to pick a standout section as everything just melts together. for me, the noise blasts of "fed on youth," one of my absolute favorite matthew dear productions, provide an appropriate late 'peak' before a collage of vocal snippets bring the album to its conclusion.

the album was considered by RA to be one of the best of 2007 - although i believe it should have placed above dear's own-name album asa breed. while i strongly disagree with the reviewer's claim that this "is almost not danceable" - there is too insistent of a beat to not dance, methinks - i do agree that this album is an amazing effort that sounds almost timeless. that 2007 still sounds modern and even futuristic more than two years later in this ever-evolving landscape of electronic music is testament to the strength of this album.

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