Friday, October 9, 2009

monolake - cyan (1996, chain reaction 04)

a few days ago, i showed you some monolake tracks from earlier this year. now, we have monolake's rare first tracks, 'cyan I/II,' with the always-amazing chain reaction label.
the first time i heard of monolake, i was in a bit of a panic to make sure a term paper for my college chaucer course wouldn't be turned in too late. monolake's polygon cities kept me focused with its precise academic beats, but upon surveying monolake's catalog, i found their first album, hongkong to be perhaps my favorite of the bunch. i believe robert henke (the core member of monolake) traveled to the eponymous locale in order to gather ambient source material, and then combined them with subtle percussion tracks to make this album. from this cyan record, 'cyan' starts off with some far-off bird cries (i think?) floating over a 4 on the floor beat, and for the EP, 'cyan II' gets even more spacey than it's a-side.

i am a huuuuge fan of robert henke's work, both under the monolake name as well as his own. in my opinion, robert henke is nothing short of a genius, and deserves more recognition particularly because he designed the very popular ableton music production software. check out his website for more information about his music, tour dates, as well as an archive of free, downloadable tracks.

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