Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mixes i've been enjoying

here are a few places to go for good or at least interesting mixes:
mnml ssgs
bunker podcast
resident advisor

and here's a few mixes that i've had on steady rotation lately:

insideout - stranger things should happen
grant aaron aka insideout is a dj now based out of berlin. he runs the clink label along with camea, which produces weird, dark minimal grooves. i came across this summer dj mix a few months ago and was hooked upon the first listen. slow and sexy, just how i like it... a few weeks ago, i was at sonotheque for bruno pronsato and discovered that grant was in attendance, in between shows on a stateside tour. he later treated us to a similarly groovy set at the afterparty until the wee hours of the morning. kudos to grant for helping finish a really fun night. here's his track list for this mix:
1- moritz piske - real one / opossum
2- wolf+lamb - keep me up all night (dancing) / wolf+lamb
3- lee curtiss - south aphrika / wolf+lamb
4- dyed soundorom - she knows / freak'n'chic
5- chris wood & meat - chi-ka-go (phil's unreleased house edit) / below
6- nick höppner - makeover / osgut ton
7- matt john - sacing / perlon
8- unknown - right on tonight
9- melchior productions - choir / cadenza
10- digitaline - altra / cityfox
11- benjamin fehr - niagara / cantenaccio
12- seuil - jealous derviche / lesizmo:r
13- gadi mizrahi - i'll set your house / wolf+lamb
14- shaun reeves - patience / wolf+lamb
15- shaun reeves - cdv/ wolf+lamb
16- stl - silent state / smallville
17- baby ford - parallel life / perlon
18- losoul - deuce / playhouse

daze maxim - livePA - dusseldorf, germany - 2009-09-05
i found out about daze maxim through a collaboration with bruno pronsato under the alias 'the others.' he shares some similarity with bruno in that the music is a bit abstract, but honestly, some of his tracks aren't that impressive to me--although i adore his 'pull absurde'--but i'm a sucker for livePAs soooo we have this recent 40-minute recording of his live set; pretty neat, methinks.

[a]pendics.shuffle - livePA bunker podcast 18, 2008-06-04
a very unique name (his real name is kenneth james gibson), but i had not given this producer's music a listen until very recently. i'll definitely have to keep an eye out for this guy if his tracks are anything like this livePA. dark, deep, disorienting, and with some seductively fractured female vocals. tasty!


  1. found yer blog. looks good. thanks for the mixes. i'm curious about the insideout one.


  2. @ Kevin, thank you for posting! insideout's mix is definitely one i return to frequently. it's consistently good throughout, but in my opinion it gets especially deep about halfway in, starting with the melchior and digitaline tracks.

    and if you dig the insideout mix, you might like the [a]pendics.shuffle set. it carries a similar sexy vibe to it, but it's definitely darker and more abstract, methinks.

    tell me what you think when you get a chance. cheers!