Saturday, October 10, 2009

found on resident advisor...

resident advisor aka RA is a great all-around resource for global electronic music culture. the site offers reviews (of both music and events), as well as event listings and discussion forums, besides its own podcast and other music links. i wanted to share two things that caught my eye on RA recently:

check this article on john roberts, an american dj now based out of berlin. he produces tracks on dial and laid, two related labels run in part by peter kersten aka lawrence/sten. the article also has a streaming music player, so you can listen to full tracks of john's smooth, succinct, mellow house.

RA also has 'the feed,' which provides links to outside websites with interesting edm-related content. just a few minutes ago on the feed, i found this FREE ~scape compilation. ~scape is a record label run by stefan betke, perhaps better known for his production moniker, pole. pole has made some seriously good music for over a decade, usually focused on crackling, dubby ambience. his more recent productions have gotten a bit more lively, but his second album, 2, is perhaps my favorite, with swirling delays that echo into infinity--great for late-night listening. i'm honestly not familiar with ~scape, but given the quality of pole's music, i'm definitely giving this free compilation a close listen.

that's it for now. enjoy your saturday, and stay warm!

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