Sunday, October 25, 2009

another sunday with monolake

how about another start to your sunday with smilecoldanatomy's favorite music wizard(s), monolake?

after the dubby ambience of last week's selections, let's try out a more immediately melancholy affair: fragment endlos from 1992. robert henke discusses this half-hour long track here, and it definitely is a dark, intimate work of art. a forlorn piano melody is looped ad infinitum, as sustained horn-like tones call out over a barren landscape occasionally inhabited by a softly chiming tone and other abstract sounds (doors opening/closing? the sound of footsteps? a passing train?). this is pure ambience - no rhythm, only the emotion carried by a few simple sounds. download here.

now let's change directions completely, with "decay," a recent and more straightforward techno track. even though i think this is a bit more evocative of monolake's ambient techno style, henke explains here his disinterest with the track, saying it is an artifact that should have been made 10 years previously. i still think it's an enjoyable listen: a steady beat thumping away as sounds reverberate endlessly. to trained ears it should sound like monolake, albeit an older track... good stuff, i think: what say you?

rounding out this sunday's monolake discussion with a more modern piece of music, take a peek at this half-hour edit of a 2008 performance by termulator x, a duo of robert henke and jay ahern. read up on the collaboration here - the equipment involved is an interesting combination of old hardware and new electronics. this track is pretty fucking relentless, made primarily of skittery, broken beats and processed synth noise-melodies. check it out here!

that's it for now. enjoy your sunday, and go bears!

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