Saturday, February 27, 2010


some more mixes for you to ponder:

seth troxler - live at wolf+lamb showcase, keeping whores off the streets - january 2009
i hadn't listened to this one in a while but i'm definitely interested in hunting down more mixes by seth, especially after his brilliant performances here in chicago a few weeks ago. given the name, it's no surprise that seth is working with mainly wolf+lamb material... a nyc-based imprint creating their own distinct take on deep house with plenty of funk and weirdness.

natural/electronic.system. - mnml ssgs mx49
besides other references on the mnml ssgs blog, i have never heard of this italian duo, but this is a pleasant introduction. nice, deep ambient techno soundscapes that waver between light and dark. i really like how these guys keep the tempo a bit slow and under control the entire time, and the track selection is top-notch (check that killer 5/4 tune by odd machine a few tracks in). peep the mnml ssgs blog post for more info and check the tracklisting here.

nax_acid - aconito records mix
nax_acid is another italian-born dj/producer, now based in london. this mix is a steady journey through darkness, showcasing a few of nax_acid's tracks on his aconito records label, including the roaring 'synthetic nature'. hope to hear more from him soon...

some sexy seth, some slowly-evolving ambient sounds, and some techno in a darker hue... enjoy!

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