Saturday, February 13, 2010

richie hawtin teases fans with updated plastikman website

the don of minimal has updated his plastikman website with details of the forthcoming world tour, accompanied by some reverbing, ping-ponging sound effects and extra eye liner. what do we know so far? the new show will be an audio-visual, "highly concentrated one-hour experience" that aims to take a modern interpretation of the plastikman catalog, which stretches back almost 2 decades. the last plastikman live show, from 2004's mutek festival, received mixed reviews as richie tried to control the entire audio-visual experience - this new tour seems to be an updated attempt at a similar immersion into "visual, audio, and interactivity". one thing not made explicit is the creation of new plastikman material...

the show debuts march 27, at london's timewarp festival. stay tuned!

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