Sunday, February 21, 2010

more late-night jams

mathew jonson's pummeling 2.5+ hour live set last night at smartbar took my legs away tonight so i'm staying in and listening to these mixes...

appleblim - apple pips label showcase @ mary anne hobbs experimental show 2009-12-17
as one of the heads of the now-defunct skull disco imprint, laurie osborne, aka appleblim, has made a name for himself carving out deep cuts of militant, tribal dubstep and bass music. here he showcases the sound of his new(er) label, apple pips. compared to skull disco, this material seems a bit lighter and more playful, but still has the depth of appleblim's previous works. nice little 30-minute set... tune in, and hop over to appleblim's myspace for some more info.

matthias tanzmann - CLR podcast 051 2010-02-15
here's a heater from a smilecoldanatomy favorite. if you're familiar with tanzmann and his moon harbour label (which celebrates 10 years of operation in 2010), you might know the drill: super repetitive, hypnotic house with some vocals/spoken-word passages and a touch of funky, soulful swagger. i could gripe about chris liebing's brief interruptions, or the fact that this sounds like it should have lasted longer... but it's still a very good mix. dance over to the CLR podcast page for more info/tracklisting and other mixes, and the moon harbour myspace for more sexiness.

modern heads - process part 184
part of the modyfier blog's mini-showcase of the prologue imprint, this mix comes courtesy of dino sabatini and gianluca meloni, aka modern heads. it's prologue, so of course it's gonna be deeply rhythmic and atmospheric. lots of dubby droning chords on this one... something to turn on and just let it wash over you. you can find the musicians' thoughts and a tracklisting for this mix at the modyfier blog.

so - a little bit of dubstep, some sexy house music, and a thick slab of deep techno... enjoy!

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