Friday, February 5, 2010

FREE download: ghostly int'l compilation - 'break-a-way planets'

to the tuned-in american edm geek, ghostly international should need little introduction. i've discussed some ghostly artists (as well as its sublabel, spectral sound) here - matthew dear/audion and kate simko, for example, but i'll admit i haven't dived too deeply into their discography, but this free compilation should be a good introduction.

as a gift to its fans, that now number 6000+ on its facebook page, the label has decided to share a previously-limited edition cd entitled, break-a-way planets.

i'm just tuning in now - the first track is a matthew dear track remixed by dj koze, so of course my attention has been grabbed. big thanks to ghostly international for sharing this compilation, and for being a platform for intriguing, forward-thinking musicians!

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