Monday, February 15, 2010

the black dog prepares LP response to brian eno's 'music for airports'

long-time electronic mainstays the black dog are preparing an album in response to brian eno's seminal ambient LP, music for airports.

citing "disappointment" in eno's original 1979 concept, the group intends to create a more realistic portrayal of airports, calling the upcoming album music for real airports. sourced from 200 hours of field recordings, the album sounds like it will be mostly drone based. the goal, in the group's words, is to "capture the spectrum of emotions stirred by airports," and if the pessimistic track titles are any indicator, it should stir up more contrasting emotions than the calming loops of eno's album.

click around the album's website for more information and tracklisting. and if you are unfamiliar with brian eno, you should change that soon. here's a taste of music for airports:

music for real airports is to be released on april 24. smilecoldanatomy looks forward to this response/update to eno's 30-year old work.

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  1. Hmm, if it's field recording based they should call it Music FROM Airports. Eno's album didn't need any Airport ambient noise because presumably you'd already be in an airport when you heard it.