Monday, February 22, 2010

robert henke - intersection 2010

after last year's monolake 'atlas'/'titan' release, as well as the recent LP silence, here we have something extra fresh from the mind of robert henke: intersection.

over the course of about fifteen minutes, robert takes us on a dense, chaotic journey through the city of hanoi, vietnam. sounds twist and weld together, as "reality is step by step replaced by more abstract sounding events," according to robert. there is definitely a dark vibe spread out across the entire piece.

i won't bother describing it much more. in my opinion, robert henke has created a beautiful work of found-sound/abstract art, and has generously offered this as a FREE download as a preview for the live performance of the work. i highly suggest heading over to the monolake website to get more information and give intersection a listen!

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