Thursday, February 4, 2010

briank - tunnel_00 (my first mix...)

so i did it: i finally put a group of records together in an attempt to make a cohesive musical statement. this is my first complete dj mix: all vinyl, one take, no editing. here's the lineage:
vinyl decks > mixer > 1/8th inch mic input on my laptop > audacity > wav > mp3@256 > zshare

there are some awkward transitions, rough EQing, and the occasional over-driven levels, as well as the rare level-fluttering (courtesy of audacity, i guess?), but i think it works well enough to share. the idea was to start with some fun, casual tracks, then move into deeper, weirder territory, and then come down with a final track that teases the heartstrings...

briank - tunnel_oo - acapulco / mobilee
guido schneider - under control / tuning spork
mathew jonson - she is he / itiswhatitis
shackleton - blood on my hands (villalobos remix pt. I) / skull disco
false - fed on youth / m_nus
shackleton - blood on my hands (villalobos remix pt. II) / skull disco
pantha du prince - behind the stars / dial
plastikman - consumed / m_nus
heartz4 - intimacy girl / hello?repeat

this will be the first in a series of mixes spreading the gospel of interesting, deep, fun, sexy electronic dance music ... hopefully.

BIG thanks to:
elly, andrew, steve the greek, genna, and all the people who i've met, danced with, talked with, and otherwise interacted with, who are constantly changing my worldview as well as my musical tastes.



  1. wow, fail'd that last message... i meant to say:
    THANKS for tuning in, guys!