Friday, February 5, 2010

new bruno pronsato project: public lover

smilecoldanatomy is a huge fan of bruno pronsato's work. his new label, thesongsays, has been garnering some raving reviews, and it looks like the self-proclaimed 'romantic techno' enthusiast will be starting 2010 on a particularly sexy note with a new project, public lover. bruno has been gracious enough to share a freely-downloadable recording of the live debut of this sensual collaboration with ninca leece.

i had never heard of ninca leece before, but bruno has a history of mingling moody, alluring female vocals with his intriguing take on electronic music, with positively lovely results. for public lover, ninca softly delivers smooth-as-butter vocals over bruno's trademark off-kilter percussion and handclaps, and lots of mellow synths. even if it only stretches a bit over a half-hour, it works so nicely...

you can also stream this set, and see the praise that is already piling up, at bruno's soundcloud. i've already given this a couple listens, and i'm intrigued and excited. having already announced a potential u.s. tour with thomas melchior, i can't wait to see what's in store this year for bruno and his crew of lovers.

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