Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wednesday wax

hooray for me! look at what came in the post today... three old slabs of wax from one of my favorite techno producers, mike parker: highway oil, vertebrae waltz (which came with a few stickers, neat!) and trybet's monodrive.


  1. soooo jealous... did you buy directly from mike?

  2. Nice selection as Parker's backstock deserves more attention. Once I had "Belong" by Trybet, but only recently realized he was part of this project.

  3. thanks for the comments guys! no, not directly from mike although i've gotten a few newer records (and his excellent cd 'dispatches') that way. these came from someone else, for very cheap! and yeah, there are some really good trybet tracks, but i definitely prefer his solo stuff. it's not as hard and a bit deeper i think, which is just the way i like it...