Friday, August 10, 2012

friday funk: dead can dance - anastasis

yes, still alive and kicking here in chicago. and now for something different!

i once was quite enchanted with dead can dance - in particular, with their 1987 masterpiece within the realm of a dying sun (perhaps because of its striking cover art). the group has just put out anastasis, their first studio LP in 16 years, and a full stream is graciously being offered at their website. click here to go right to the player.

aside from the clear, crispy, modern sound quality, a first listen shows that brendan perry's voice is deeper and rounder yet (a bit sadly but not unexpectedly) not as sharp and soaring as it was some two decades ago, to this writer's ears at least. meanwhile, lisa gerrard seems to be in very fine vocal form, especially on the silky, sensually composed piece "agape" which for now is my pick of the bunch. initial impressions: anastasis might not have enough of a dark edge for me, but it's a worthy addition to the dead can dance catalog. so have at it.

dead can dance has also started a month-long tour across north america. chicago heads, take note: they'll be playing the pritzker pavilion on tuesday the 21st of this month.

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