Monday, August 13, 2012

monday moods: deepchord - jeanneau

here's something delicious for early monday moods: "jeanneau," an unreleased free track - available for download in wav quality! - from dub techno purveyor deepchord aka rod modell.

the track comes via soma records, the glasgow label that will release the next deepchord LP sommer later this month. i've already heard sommer and i like it (my favorite track for now is "cruising towards dawn"). i find something to enjoy in just about everything that comes from modell, and the new album is no exception. (some of you might remember the really nice things i had to say a few years ago about modell's incense & black light.)

anyway, about "jeanneau." it's lush, moody, and anchored with deep kicks, and it's just as good as anything on sommer. so good, in fact, that i might just play it this upcoming weekend at varsity allstars... more info on that party later but for now, settle into a groove with an excellent standalone piece from deepchord:

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