Sunday, August 12, 2012

back... to

it's time to rejoice: smilecoldanatomy has returned to!

well, almost. as it turns out, my old page was deleted because i'm based in the US and i had a "media" account. thanks to something in my country called the digital millennum copyright act, apparently closed all US media accounts in order to avoid liability for any music that potentially, maybe, might be shared illegally. a blanket precaution, as i do not illegally share music, and one that sadly removed all prior anatomy-related material from the site.

fortunately us "media" folks are allowed to make new (regular) pages, and after working out a few kinks, it looks like all systems are GO for me to continue sharing sounds via so for now, here's some of my own mixes - all worthy of revisiting, i hope. in the coming days and weeks i'll be re-uploading all the anatomy mixes and preparing for anatomy 20 and beyond. until then, you can check out these old mixes from yours truly, and visit the brand spanking new patty page by clicking here.

test 1108b


patty on 2011-06-23

star dimmer

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